Waxing or Hair Removal Cream: Which Is Better

Hair Removal Cream

These days, modern depilatory techniques have become quite common when it comes to skin care. Both waxing and hair removal creams are widely preferred by women nowadays. However, if you aren’t sure which one should you opt for, we have provided below a comprehensive guide for you. 

Waxing Vs hair removal cream

A hair removal cream contains particular chemicals that help eliminate unwanted hair from your body. However, these creams do not remove hair from their roots as waxing does. Using hair removal creams to get rid of body hair is one of the quickest methods of getting it done. Also, it’s painless. However, before you apply it to your hands and legs, it’s advisable to test it on a small patch of your body and see whether it’s causing itchiness, rashes, or allergies. 

Waxing is another modern-day hair removal process where one has to apply a layer of wax on the skin and pull the layer off. In the process, all your body hair will be stripped off its roots. Waxing on the other hand takes time. However, it will strip off every hair from the waxed region. Also, if you are waxing no matter which part of your body, you have to endure pain. 

Advantages of using hair removal cream

 Now that you have an idea about a hair removal cream and how it’s used, let’s dive into its pros and cons. 

1.Hair Length Doesn’t Matter

Despite the length of your body hair, you can get rid of them using effective hair removal creams. You don’t have to wait for your hair to grow for removal. 

2.Low Possibilities of an Ingrown Hair

When one uses hair removal creams on the skin, it prevents the growth of body hair in that region. So, you experience slow or negligible hair growth. 

 3.Disadvantages of Hair Removal Creams

Below given are some cons of using hair removal creams:

4.They have an unpleasant smell 

People avoid using them for their uneasy smells. The smell comes from the chemicals that are present in the cream. 

5.They cause severe after effects 

These creams are usually harsh for anyone’s skin. Consequently, people experience a lot of skin issues after applying hair removal creams. 

6. Advantages of waxing your body 

 Even though using hair removal creams is easy and comes at a low price, waxing is comparatively expensive but offers better results. Let’s see how using wax strips is beneficial for your body hair and skin. 

7.Professional waxing strips off dead skin cells

Besides removing unwanted hair, waxing also removes the dead skin layer. It exfoliates your skin, bringing its lost shine and glow back. 

8.Offers long-lasting results

No matter you go for hot wax or soft wax, it’s the most effective hair removal procedure available today. Waxing helps the skin to retain its glow and strips off hair from its roots. 

 Disadvantages of waxing

There is only one major disadvantage that comes to our mind. 

 Waxing Disrupts Your Hair Growth

 When you regularly wax your skin, it weakens the follicles. Thus, the hair that grows afterward becomes weak. In extreme cases, hair follicles get completely damaged. 

As you can see both processes have their advantages and disadvantages. However, it’s your call to make because it’s your skin and you know what’s best for your skin and what’s not. 


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