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Pendants are an everyday jewelry item that can be comfortably worn every day. They add a certain charm to your overall look and compliment your overall image. There are so many pendant designs available out there that it is very easy to be spoilt for choice. 

However, for a pendant to reveal good taste, you should pay attention to several details. To help you through this, here is a guide to buying the right pendant for yourself.

1.Classic pendants: These pendants are the most classic designs in pendants that are usually made of silver or gold and may be decorated with pearls or precious stones. The designs of these pieces are graceful and soft and not too striking for the eye. Their essence lies in their elegance. They match as perfectly with a business suit as they would with an evening dress, making them a versatile piece. If you’re looking to buy a pendant for girlfriend, this is something they can wear all the time. When gifting jewelry to someone, a classic pendant is your safest bet.

  1. Pendants in different forms: Pendants in different forms are very popular and make the biggest range of collections in any jewelry store. They correspond to various subjects and forms such as hearts, flowers, stars, fish, cars, etc. These pendants are a great expression of your style and personality. When looking to gift a pendant like this to someone, reflect on their hobbies and the things they like. When chosen right, a pendant with a form makes the perfect gift for a loved one.
  1. Medallion pendants: These are pendants that can keep a secret. These pendants consist of two opening parts in which you can put small photos of your near and dear ones. Heart and oval are the most popular shapes in such pendants. These pendants make an amazing gift for a loved one.
  1. Luxury pendants: These are pendants designed luxuriously in fine and graceful shapes, made in expensive metals such as 22k gold pendant sets, and decorated with only precious stones. Jewelry manufacturers usually update a limited collection of such pendants created by the best designers every year. These pieces are real works of art and are supposed to be worn only on special occasions. Luxurious pendants are a real delight. They are usually very expensive and are a good gift option for special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  1. Personalized pendants: Pendants that come in form of letters add a great element of personalization. They can mean the owner’s name and are perfect for a social person. Personalized pendants also come with inscriptions. They are a wonderful way to commemorate important days or events such as a declaration of love, anniversary, wedding day, your child’s birthday, etc. You can decide on what inscription you want on your pendant, or you can always choose a piece that has a ready inscription on it.
  1. Religious pendants: Pendants can also denote a person’s religious inclinations or beliefs. Such pendants stand for crosses and other religious symbols as well as pieces with images of saints. These pendants can be made of both precious and other metals. They may also be decorated with pearls and other precious stones. These pendants are a reflection of one’s faith and may make a good present, depending upon the person it is for.

Depending on whether the pendant is for yourself, or someone else, you can follow the above guide and choose the right kind of pendant. Make sure you keep in mind the kind of usage you are looking at. Also, make sure you choose a complimenting necklace with a pendant.


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