How Will Concealed Carry Holster Be In The Future.

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It is important, no matter what your profession or position in life, to have choices. For many years the only viable choice for concealed carry was a jacket model holster. A few years ago this changed with the introduction of a new type of holster called an IWB (inside waistband) holster. With people now having two types of holsters to choose from it is time to ask, “How Will Concealed carry holster Be In The Future?”

There are major advantages and disadvantages with each type and both will play an important role in society in the future. Let’s start with the advantages of each.

A jacket model holster is very reliable. It is easy to put on and will ride well in any social or professional situation. It has a reasonable price point, usually $45-$50 when compared to some of the other choices in concealment, like a shoulder holster, that ranges from $90-$150. After many years of service you simply throw it away and buy a new one for about $20-$30. If this seems expensive then be sure to consider that the cost of an IWB holster can far exceed this amount at around $100+.

While there are many advantages to a jacket model holster, there are also disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is it offers the least amount of concealment. A small firearm will print and be noticeable under a jacket, much more so than with an IWB. Another disadvantage to the jacket model holster is the limited number of carry positions. Unless you have spent years training in different styles of dress for concealment there is a good chance that you will have difficulty concealing your firearm inside your waistband (IWB) or ankle. On the other hand, if you try a shoulder holster you will have a learning curve to master the correct way to wear it.

The IWB is far less cumbersome than a jacket model but offers more concealment than its predecessor. If your goal is to have a firearm that can be concealed inside your waistband it is hard to argue against this method as it will be far and away more successful than any other method when compared to the jacket model.

One of the biggest disadvantages of an IWB holster is its size and bulkiness compared to a jacket model. This also includes the cost and ability to use one for many years before having to replace it. The holster is another piece of clothing that makes up the concealment system and finding one that is comfortable for a long period of time can be an issue.

Currently most IWB holsters are not adjustable to varying circumstances like a jacket model. But this may change in the future as companies rush to fill a need for various positions. Just imagine a holster that has the ability to ride mid-waist or high-waist with the same holster. In the future these are things we might see but at present, we don’t have them.

While there are many disadvantages to an IWB holster, they do have advantages as well. The biggest advantage comes with its concealability factor. It is for this reason that most professionals carry concealed and there are few reasons not to do so. If you are going to be in a situation where concealment is limited, an IWB holster offers less bulk than its jacket model predecessor.

Another advantage of an IWB holster is the ability to modify it to fit your needs. Generally speaking, many have some type of adjustment like belt loops or a thumb break for retention purposes but it is very common for an IWB holster to be made with a backing or equivalent material that can be removed, giving the individual more flexibility in how they carry their handgun.


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