How To Choose Organic Sunscreen for Your Baby

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Protecting your baby’s skin from the sun’s harmful rays can help lower her risk of sunburn and skin cancer in the future. There are lots of options for sunscreen for babies, and parents may be overwhelmed with the number of choices. It may be better for your baby’s skin to choose an organic sunscreen that offers protection without some of the more harmful chemicals. To find the right product for your baby’s skin, look at honest opinions from customers, such as Wellements reviews and online shopping ratings.

Look at the Label

The first thing to look at when buying organic sunscreen for your baby is the label on the packaging or bottle of sunscreen. Many sunscreen companies offer specific sunscreen options for babies, so that can be a starting point. The reasons to choose organic for your baby are to get protection without harming your child’s skin or the ocean and sea creatures. Sometimes, the baby or kid formula for sunscreen can be gentler on a baby’s skin. Additionally, opt for organic sunscreen that is labeled as mineral instead of chemical.

Check the Ingredients

The next thing to closely examine is the list of ingredients. The best organic sunscreen for your baby will only include two ingredients. Look for sunscreen brands that only feature zinc oxide or titanium dioxide on their labels. If there are other active ingredients, such as oxybenzone, octinoxate or parabens, the sunscreen may be harmful to the ocean and aquatic creatures. These chemicals may be contributing to the ocean’s pollution and should be avoided.

Consider the SPF

The SPF of any sunscreen product for babies is also important to keep your child protected from the sun. Some sunscreens for babies advertise high SPF numbers but may not actually offer much more protection. It’s safe to use an SPF of at least 30 to give your baby’s sensitive skin enough sun protection. The key to keeping your baby’s skin from burning is to reapply sunscreen every two hours or more depending on the activity.

Opt for Water-Resistant Products

It’s also recommended to look for organic sunscreen products that are water-resistant. If you take your child out into the sun for a beach or pool activity, getting into the water may wash off a sunscreen product that isn’t waterproof, making her skin vulnerable to a painful sunburn. Additionally, in the heat, your baby may sweat so only a waterproof sunscreen can last long enough to give your baby sun protection.

Think About Your Baby’s Health

The sun is also a great source of Vitamin D for your baby, but wearing sunscreen may prevent full absorption into the body. To combat this fact, many pediatricians recommend breastfed babies get a supplement of this Vitamin added to their diet. Why do babies need Vitamin D? They need it to keep their bones strong and healthy and to prevent diseases like Ricketts from developing. 

Enjoy the summer season with your baby and keep her shielded from the sun with an organic sunscreen product. Knowing what to look for on the labels and how to avoid buying something harmful can keep you and your child happy and safe this summer!


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