Why You Should Consider Pole Dancing As A Hobby

Pole Dancing
Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is an exotic dance style that can help you strengthen your muscles. This is one of those physical activities that are not only associated with maintaining physical shape but also provide a calmness to the mind and act as a fun hobby. If you are a middle-aged woman who is looking for interesting new hobbies to follow then you should consider pole dancing for once.

If you think it is not your cup of tea, then here are some of the great advantages of pole dancing that might make you think otherwise. Then why wait, read along!

1. Strengthens Spine

As you are about to say goodbye to your twenties, a rigid spine and backache stand in the way to welcome you into your thirties. Middle-aged women feel more pain in their back and spine than younger women. This is because of many medical and physical reasons, particularly dependent on your eating habits and involvement in physical activities in your life. 

If you want to make your spine stronger and help you bear weight in old age, pole dancing can be a great solution. You can practice the flexibility of your spine in the most fun way possible. 

2. Increases Flexibility

A pole dancer needs to balance their body on a pole in different positions. When you start practising pole dancing, your body will become more flexible and attain balance. A flexible body is a key to a healthy body. If your body is rigid, you will have limited movement of your muscles, thus making life difficult for you. 

Certain pole dance moves require you to bend and balance your body at fixed points on a pole. This can be made possible with patience and practice. 

3. Boosts Self Esteem

As the thirties approach, many women fall victim to depression and anxiety. Mostly because when they see a mirror, they see a sagging body with wrinkles and body pain covering the entire body. This can shatter a woman’s self-esteem and make her feel less of herself. 

If you start learning pole dancing, you will realize how strong you are and how capable you are to learn new things. This boosts self-esteem and makes you feel younger and proud of yourself. After all, age is just a number and you are as old as you feel.  

4. Improves Coordination While Making You Stronger

Pole dancing can help you practice body and mind coordination. This is something that you will be needing as you grow older. Certain pole dance moves may require you to lift all your body weight on your wrists and balance your body at one point. This can be possible if you are focused and your hand-to-mind coordination is properly aligned. 

While practising pole dancing, you should avoid getting yourself injured by using hand grip tools. You should also see for affordable pole knee pads to protect your knees from injury. Being stronger does not mean that you have to bear the pain at all costs. You can take safety precautions while building body strength through pole dancing. 


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