What Are the Different Types of Breast Implants?

Breast Implants

Breast implants are a surgical procedure for increasing the size of a woman’s breast. They’re often done for cosmetic reasons but may also have medical advantages depending on the type of implant used. 

There are a few different types of breast implants available. These differ in the material they’re made from, the density used and the shape of the implant.

This guide will briefly explain what types of implants are available and how they work.

Different Types of Breast Implants Available 

There are many different types and sizes of breast implants depending on your needs, your surgeon’s recommendations, and what you want to achieve with them. 

When it comes to choosing which type to get, the most common choices are silicone or saline-filled implants that last anywhere from three to ten years each before needing replacement surgery.

According to Scottsdale breast augmentation surgeon, Dr John Williams, it’s usually advisable for women to wait until they are at least 18 before they have breast implants, regardless of the type of implant used.

Here’s a quick overview of your implant options.

Silicone-Filled Breast Implants

A silicone implant is made of natural rubber or silicone used in the medical field. It’s a popular choice for women who want a more natural look with implants. 

While silicone implants are popular, they are considered to be less durable than saline-filled implants. This is because it doesn’t have nearly as much material as a saline implant and is, therefore, more prone to leaks and ruptures over time. 

Saline-Filled Breast Implants

A saline implant is a mixture of salt and water. 

It’s used by doctors because the salt acts as a natural preservative that keeps bacteria out and helps the saline retain its shape even through the most rigorous movement. Saline-filled implants are often filled once they’ve been placed in the body.

The popularity of saline-filled implants is due to their ease of use, cost, and effectiveness in smaller breasts up to a D cup size.

Which Implants Are Best?

Depending on the size of your breasts, surgery was a previously recommended minimum size for surgery, however, this is not the case anymore. 

This means that it is possible to receive smaller implants and still have a great surgical outcome. 

Smaller implants are usually better for women who have large breasts; however, there can still be advantages to receiving larger implant sizes as well.

In general, smaller-breasted women should get breast implants that are filled with saline and larger-breasted women should opt for silicone implants.

For example, if a woman has 34B breast size and wants to fill out the volume that she doesn’t have naturally, she should get a silicone implant because saline implants are known for losing shape over time.

This means it would be difficult to fill the volume of her breasts with an implant when they are already smaller in the first place. 

On the other hand, a woman who has large breasts and desires to have them be smaller should get saline implants because they maintain their shape as they lose volume over time.


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