The eCommerce Influence to Selling on Online Marketplaces like Amazon Alibaba and eBay



The fastest growing business in recent days is the ecommerce industry. By analyzing the past decade the growth has been skyrocketed and every startup started showing attention to start an online marketplace like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay as these ecommerce giants have already proved themselves and have got hold a special place in the market.

 Why widen to new online marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay have used several strategies to dominate the market. With their tremendous effort they have succeeded in this field. Let us analyze the key reasons for entering online marketplaces.

 ●   Increasing sales

The main objective of any business is to increase the sales that will increase the returns. While expanding your business to online marketplace you will get to see more audience and your site will get unexpected traffic. This will help you to get more genuine leads and you can easily convert them into sales. So you can get a huge customer base along with the reasonable sales.

 ●   Growing your brand

Brand recognition is the need of the hour. Only out of reputation and the goodwill you gain on your brand, you can get new customers. Even marketplaces like amazon, Alibaba and eBay has gained good brand recognition and they have earned the credibility of their users that have made them become very popular. So expanding your business to online marketplace will definitely help you to grow your brand.

 ●   Strategic partnerships

In the field of online marketing you can find numerous ways to market your product. One such way is the affiliate marketing. You can join hands with affiliates who are highly influential in the digital platform and can help you to promote your business and get you more reach and visibility. You need to have a clear strategy that can let you have a great partnership and will leverage your business.

●   Long-term growth

With regular updation with your business operations, you can obviously expect a long-term growth in this field. As traditional marketing is losing its hold, people started preferring digital marketing and any business that needs a change should enter the online marketplace platform. By  following the footstep of ecommerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay, we should build a customer satisfying platform and gain complete control over the market. 

Marketing strategies for online marketplaces

People who really wanted to start an online marketplace will definitely have an idea to build a website like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay. But have you ever analyzed the real reasons for they success? Have you ever thought about their marketing strategies that have supported them to gain huge customer base? Let us get into detail.

 ●   Excellent customer service

Customers are the pillars for any business. Without them you cannot take even a single step further. There are many ways to acquire new customers but only through proper service you can retain them. And through word of mouth you will many more audience. So never fail to delight your customers with your genuine service.

 ●   Optimize your listings

We all know that most of the people will search for the product online before they buy it. They will go through the reviews and ratings and also they prefer to visit the sites that are raked top on the search pages. So it is very essential to have an SEO optimized website and pay more attention to keywords and Meta tags that can help you to be reached easily while on search.

 ●   Automate your pricing

When you go online there are several platforms through which people can reach you. In this case, we cannot have same pricing for all the platforms since the users are different and they buying capacity also varies. So here you need to utilize the automation tool on pricing and should display your pricing according to the users in the platform.

 ●   Advertising and promotions

Give your marketplace a perfect advertising and promotions. Spend reasonably on promoting your marketplace. To build a website like Amazon, alibaba and eBay you need a perfect marketing campaign like amazon, alibaba and eBay has. People trust on brands that are quite familiar and popular. So gain popularity equivalent to amazon, alibaba and eBay by promoting your marketplace effectively.

ZielCommerce is the Best Ecommerce Tools for Your Business

Zielcommerce is a reliable marketplace software that takes the complete responsibility of building a website like Amazon, alibaba and eBay. Zielcommerce knows the essential features that make the leaders in ecommerce to rule the market and we make sure that your site will contain all those features.

 Salient features of Zielcommerce

Rich UI /UX – a complete user-friendly design that attracts more customers and holds them to stay on your site for longer time.

Advanced search option – give a complete freedom on searching the products and help them to find the product easily.

Secured payment integration – more than 70+ payment gateways are integrated with the software and give users a great comfort on payment transaction.

Dedicated mobile app – achieve more customers by grabbing the attention of mobile users through your mobile app.

Online chat – allow your customers to chat with the sellers and get their doubts clarified easily. They can feel comfort when they have a helpline to chat.

Geo tracking – the most required feature that every user wants to have. They should be able to track their product through geo tracking.

Reviews and ratings – allow your customers to review your product and service and this will help you to upgrade your performance.

Social media integration –people wish to share their recent purchases on social media so it is must to have social media logins in your marketplace.


Keep your customers in focus while developing your online marketplace. This will help you to build multi vendor marketplace website and you can also start earning like those ecommerce giants. Give your customers an intuitive and seamless shopping experience and try to retain them.


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