Before and After Clear Aligners: What to Expect?

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Whatever your reason for seeking out clear aligners, you’ll find this article a useful introduction to the process. Here we’ll go over the benefits of clear aligners, what to expect after getting them put in, and how long they should stay in place.

Before and after aligners

Check out clear aligners before and after pictures so you can see the changes for yourself. You will learn about the benefits of clear aligners—something that many people are curious about. Clear aligners are very discreet and can be worn throughout your day, and by the time you go to bed, you won’t even know that they’re there.

Why Get Clear Aligners?

Many people find that clear aligners work for them because they’re not as bulky as traditional braces. Plus, they’re adjustable, unlike Invisalign, which means you can eat whatever you want and still get great results!

Before Clear

Before choosing clear aligners, your dentist will conduct a series of tests on your teeth and bite.

You’ll be given a set of impressions to sit for, which will look like your true teeth after the aligner process has ended.

Once that’s done, your dentist will place a series of markers along the underside of each tooth.

The impressions are sent to the lab, where your clear aligners are custom-made to perfection.

After Clear

Clear aligners work best for people who want to wear them and be invisible, but they won’t last forever! The most common clear aligner is made by the company Avanti. It lasts about 4-6 months before it can be decontaminated. Some people choose to upgrade to a more permanent option, like Invisalign. That will last longer, but there’s a price you must pay. We’ll talk about some of the positives and negatives in the next section.

The Price of Invisalign

One thing that’s important to consider is that the aligners for Invisalign cost more than their clear bracket counterparts. For example, Avanti’s 3-month package costs $540, while Invisalign’s 3-month package costs about $600. So you’re looking at an extra $60 for invisibility.

However, like most things in life, you usually get what you pay for. Does that mean you’ll be getting better results with Invisalign? That’s hard to tell, as clear aligners have gotten so good that many orthodontists prefer them.

What should you do?

This is the part where you get the advice you asked for! It is recommended that you try out both kinds. Most clear aligner companies offer a free trial, so you can wear those for about a month and decide whether or not they’re right for your budget.

What you have to consider is how much you would like to be able to eat while getting your teeth straightened. Clears are a little more flexible than Invisalign so that you can eat more than with your counterparts.

If you’re on a budget and don’t mind having something in your mouth all the time, then clear aligners are a great option for you! 

What to Expect After Getting Them Put In

It’s normal to feel a little strange at first. Wear your new aligners for at least five days before going back to work. If you have questions about what it might be like, ask us! We’ll be happy to help you transition from braces or retainers and get adjusted as necessary.

The next 3-4 weeks are when you will see the most changes. This is when your retainers will be most snug, and you may feel like nobody is used to seeing your new smile yet!

You may have had a little bit of swelling after getting your aligners put in, but that should start going down fairly soon. It’s normal to continue to feel tightness like this for at least two months, and it shouldn’t go away until the retainers are loosened every once in a while. This will help ensure that the pressure isn’t too tight.

How Long Should They Stay In Place?

The average time that clear or traditional braces are in place is about 1-2 years. It would help if you got a good idea of how long it might take for our initial consultation. Start by taking a consultation.

Once you get your teeth aligned, you’ll notice that eating becomes much easier, and the way you look in photos will change dramatically. It’s widespread to feel more confident after getting braces or clear aligners, and once you see how great you look, you’ll never want to go back!


If you have any other questions, please consult a specialist. They will help you find your perfect smile as soon as possible.


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