5 Physical Signs of Aging and What You Can Do About Them


Aging is a natural process, but most people try and put it off for as long as possible. Looking and feeling younger is usually desired, as it involves more energy, softer skin, and an undeniable glow. Luckily, those in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond can find ways to achieve these youthful benefits – it just takes a little more effort! 

The first step to slowing down the physical aging process is understanding exactly what it looks like, so keep reading to learn five of them, as well as what you can do about them. 

1: Weight Gain 

Weight loss becomes increasingly harder as you get older. This has multiple causes, including the loss of muscle, the lack of energy, and the slowing down of the metabolism. Due to this, many older people find they have stubborn areas of fat that they can’t get rid of. 

Fighting this isn’t easy, but it is possible. Keeping a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, and keeping track of your weight will help you shed those extra pounds. If that doesn’t work as much as you want it to, though, there are other options. For those stubborn areas of fat that don’t seem to go away, you can get coolsculpting in Austin. This simple, non-invasive treatment can be used in areas like the back, jawline, and upper arms.  

2: Wrinkles and Fine Lines 

The next obvious physical sign of aging is wrinkles and fine lines. It’s not often you see a seventy-year-old with completely smooth skin, after all! Wrinkles happen to everyone eventually, so it’s important not to feel too self-conscious of them. There are ways of reducing them, though. 

A good skincare routine is highly beneficial. Make sure you include a gentle cleanser, toner, moisturizer, retinol, and SPF for best results. Botox is a good option for static lines around the eyes and forehead, as it freezes the muscles that create those lines. Don’t worry – with the right aesthetician, all that will be noticeable is the absence of wrinkles!  

3: Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the more saddening physical signs of aging, as it can leave people feeling highly self-conscious. If you experience hair loss, the first thing you should consider is whether you have any deficiencies in your diet that are causing it. Look into alopecia, too, especially if the loss is sudden and dramatic. 

The two best treatments for hair loss are hair transplants and minoxidil. Before making any decisions, be sure to speak to your doctor.  

4: Dry Skin 

Mature skin tends to be much dryer than youthful skin. Fortunately, fixing this isn’t too challenging and often doesn’t cost too much, either. Your first step is to start drinking plenty of water – enough to hydrate your skin properly. From there, you should create a skincare routine that targets dry skin. A heavy moisturizer, face oils, and hyaluronic acid are all great additions. 

5: Sunspots

Sunspots grow more noticeable with age. It makes sense – older people have spent more time in the sun! The only true way to prevent sun spots is to stay out of the sun as much as possible. When you can’t do that, be sure to apply plenty of SPF, wear a sun hat, and put on sunglasses. Not only will this reduce sunspots, but it will also help prevent wrinkles, sunburn, and even skin cancer

Growing old is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t slow down the physical signs of aging for as long as possible.


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