Yellowstone x Fashion: Jackets You Have Never Seen Before!

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Often, while scrolling through Instagram, your eyes land on a beautiful clothing item. It is original, and it’s exciting, trendy, and, however, to some extent, is unexpected. That dress might have given you goosebumps- maybe because it has one essential element involved.

Yellowstone Beth Dutton Blue Coat is one of those dresses. This coat belongs to Yellowstone’s series; Yellowstone is the western-drama series based on a true story. It has some megastars; all of them made this series so addictive and exciting.

Even after watching the trailer, you can predict the series is full of intense scenes and attention-grabbing storylines. This show has it all, the action, mind-blowing suspense, conflicted story, excellent professional actors, and the best wardrobe. 


People who watch shows based on real-life events always have curious minds about the actual story. Well, Yellowstone is based on the Duttons. This family has a lead member known as John Dutton. He has control over the large adjoined farm in the United States of America.

Land Buyers, an Indian registration, and the first part of US and Indian Reservation are frequently used to create the violence on the Ranch. The story of how people survive living in such areas with so many attacks and brutality is going on.

This show grabs the attention towards the piece of land, which makes millions of money for the government; nonetheless, it is still not visible in states’ eyes. It shows the violent area away from the media’s propaganda, and even politicians have investments in this area.

After being so important yet ignored, the survival story of Duttons made this show more interesting. Well, not just the storyline or action made this show a hit. The travel-friendly, exquisite and subtle dresses of this show also grabbed attention.

Here is the list of famous clothes worn by the famous members of Yellowstone’s cast.


It is not often when Kevin Costner and the series get together, but it turns out so well for both when these two do. Viewers loved seeing him on the screen, he has won the Emmy for Hatfield’s & McCoy, but after the release of Yellowstone, people claimed that he deserves better.

He portrayed the rancher named John Dutton with professionalism. Though he had strong co-actors to work with, his role in this violent series has the most impact. The introductory scene was so dynamic that it left marks on people’s hearts.

John Dutton was a strong man with strong opinions; he had the ultimate classy and effective personality. So his clothing has to consist of strong, effective elements. The wardrobe crew on the set must have put many efforts to provide these cogent spices to his closet.


Despite being the oldest member of the family, he must have a polished sense when it comes to clothing. Vests are not so common to wear today, but Kevin proved everyone wrong by portraying the best vests. 

The blue vest with a light blue shirt, chinos, and hat allured the most audience. The soothing yet bright color of this vest makes this more reliable. Despite being the oldest member of the family, he must have a polished sense when it comes to clothing. 

The cotton made, and fluffy vests gave him a refined look. The vests are officially back in fashion, so it is good to have one. Fuse them with your style to feel more comfortable in them; otherwise, Kevin’s styles are legendary today and more yet to come.

Cotton Jackets:

Cotton Jackets are usually summer wear and considered as the neglected part of the wardrobe. Nonetheless, just like vests, Kevin, after wearing them as John, made them trendy. Hence, they became the trendiest layer for your outfits. He even chose the shades so subtly, convenient for everyone.


Kayce Dutton proved the saying of “like father like son”. Though his character was not as furious or powerful as John, he managed to make his role effective with his classy terracotta-colored cotton Jacket. 

He was the son of John Dutton, who came to visit him after a long time with his young son. The story between the father-son duo was a little intense at first; later, Kayce managed to be the son John deserved. After coming back, he stood there with his father. 

His wardrobe is not as vast as John’s, however he wore cotton and suede jackets in terracotta and earthy shades. He once wore the denim jacket in this show, different from the usual. His jacket has a furred collar and oversized cozy look.


John got blessed with three kids: three sons and one daughter. Being the only girl in the family makes it difficult to learn the best styles, but Beth has learned from the best – her mother, Evelyn Dutton. Beth Dutton Coat is the evidence.

Well, her black blazer with the skillful printed deep bluish-green shirt. The mid-length leopard printed coat, cheetah printed button-down shirt, oversized checkered shirt with fluffy sleeves, and the white balloon-sleeved formal shirt has made her the most iconic fashionista female of the show, which she indeed is!


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