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Who says only households can be affected by Australia in its angriest (and hottest) season? Even if there’s still a pandemic going on, there are still people outside, and we can still enjoy hotels, restaurants, and work as long as we have the right discipline for physical distancing and the right commercial shade sails. And you read that correctly. Yes, we can enjoy work with shade sails.

Shady Hotels (the good kind of shady)

We might think that the hospitality business has been knocked out during this pandemic. That’s possible for some, but you’re still standing today if you’re reading this. 

Imagine if there is physical distancing in your hotel. Where would your guests want to go after they get sick of their rooms? 

Outside of course! 

Space is wider, the air is cleaner, and the sun is brighter. But for sure you need to protect your guests from harmful UV rays. That’s where commercial shade sails come in. Your guests will be able to relax outside, free from their minds from the pandemic, and free their minds from the Australian summer. This kind of atmosphere would truly help your business.

Not only that, but you’d also be able to design your commercial shade sails and make it attractive for your future customers. After all, wouldn’t you also want to differentiate yourself from the competition? Classy shade sails are the way.

Shady Restaurants

Cooking meals every day during the pandemic gets old after a while. The same goes with eating in the same dining table day in and day out. That’s why restaurants are still allowed to operate. And what can make the eating experience better for people is, of course, shade sails!

With capacity getting cut by about 50% because of physical distancing, it would be profitable for your restaurant to take the space outside and install shade sails. It creates a great atmosphere for customers to eat and experience the outdoors without the sun’s heat. You may even adopt a sea-based theme to add a little fun for your customers during these trying times.

And did we mention that these are paying customers?

Shady Outdoor Offices

Morale may be a little bit low right now because of all the bad news and limitations imposed by the pandemic. However, if you can still operate today, you can boost morale by making life easier and more fun for your employees with shade sails.

Did you know that your employees are happier if you let them eat outside? Now, they can eat at a restaurant, at the beach, or their homes. But why not let them eat outside the office under the safety of a commercial shade sail? That way, your employees can eat, enjoy the outdoors, and forget their stressful environment together. Not only would their happiness increase, but their camaraderie and teamwork would too!

To move things to the next level, why not allow them to work outside? You can extend your workspace outside if you’re into a workshop or manufacturing business. You employees can work and enjoy the cool breeze with the protection of shade sails.

Ready to Get Shady?

Shade sails are not only applicable to these mentioned businesses. They can also be used in schools, resorts, parks, and other areas that people can go to. 

All is not lost in this pandemic. The economy can still thrive as long as our businesses thrive as well. Commercial shade sails are a way to boost businesses, and we can’t deny it. 


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