Why You Need to Host Your Business Email with Google Apps for Your Business

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The distinction among self-hosted and hosted email services

When you’ve got got a website, your web website hosting provider offers you the choice to create emails @yourdomain.com. In this case, you are “self-web website hosting” your e mail for your web website hosting provider’s servers.

The opportunity is the usage of Google Apps for Business to host your e mail. This is a “hosted e mail provider” because it’s far hosted as a provider via way of means of a 3rd celebration agency. There also are many different mail provider organizations available in the marketplace


Below are the motives I will by no means move again to self-web website Email Hosting.

1) Better email privateness

There are many privateness dangers worried with e mail web website hosting. If you’re self-web website hosting your personal e mail, you open your self as much as diverse vulnerabilities. This consists of a person hacking your account, intercepting your emails, and the risk that a person from the web website hosting provider reads your emails.

It’s controversial that Google e mail provider is prone to the identical privateness concerns, however I could instead believe my e mail money owed with one of the world’s biggest net provider organizations than a agency and not using a public scrutiny.

2) Better long-time period relaiability

Your e mail conversations are one of, if now no longer the most, vital virtual belongings of your commercial enterprise.

It’s now no longer beneficial to have your e mail hosted at the identical servers as your website. Too many stuff can happen.

What in case your host is going out of commercial enterprise, or your internet individual makes a decision to not provide e mail as a provider? It’s tough emigrate 10,000 emails to a brand new server. You should turn out to be loosing each e mail you’ve got got, which could be horrific for some of motives (getting audited, prison issues, compliance legal guidelines etc.).

Google is virtually a greater dependable host then both your GoDaddy/Host Gator/Blue Host provider. Google isn’t going anywhere, consequently neither are your emails.

3) Less despatched emails marked as unsolicited mail

When you host your e mail at the identical server as your website, possibilities are, you’ll be problem to the reliability of your IP. Your IP is the identifier variety of your server. When you operate inexpensive (shared) Windows Web Hosting Services, you normally proportion the identical IP as 10, 20, even 50+ different web sites and organizations.

If any of them are sending unsolicited mail emails, whether or not deliberately or now no longer, the IP gets blocked or marked as unsolicited mail via way of means of predominant e mail providers (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook etc.).

Don’t lump your self withinside the identical basket as dozens of different web sites. Emails despatched from Google Apps for Business don’t get marked a unsolicited mail almost as regularly as shared e mail providers.

4) More incoming unsolicited mail is filtered

Google has one of the world’s fine unsolicited mail filters. It makes use of the statistics of tens of thousands and thousands of customers who mark matters a unsolicited mail. It is state-of-the-art and is top notch at filtering out the rubbish despatched via way of means of robots and those across the world.

Most self-hosted emails have a simple unsolicited mail filtering, and they’re regularly incorrect in marking/now no longer marking emails.

Why now no longer use the multi-billion greenback agency as your e mail providor?

5) Branded emails @yourdomain.com

The fine element approximately Google Apps for Business is that your emails are branded. You don’t have a @gmail.com address, or different loose services, that could make you appearance much less credible.

For roughly $50/year, you get your e mail at your domain. It’s all installation thru your registrar, and they are able to generally assist you do it. Simply fill out a help price price tag or ask your internet individual. It’s executed inside 24 hours.

6) Free and beneficial accessories

There are greater accessories and browser extensions available in the marketplace these days for Google Mail than for some other provider provider.

Tools like Rapportive, Boomerang, Gmail Offline and greater make your e mail enjoy a ways advanced to the common provider. Check out this text for a listing of accessories that you could use along side Google Mail (and Gmail).

7) Additional integrated equipment to enhance your commercial enterprise workflow.

Having a Google Apps for Business account offers you a number of top notch equipment.

Some of the Google Apps for Business equipment protected with each account are:

  • Google Calendar, which you could sync on all of your laptop and devices
  • Google Docs, that’s a collection of phrase processing equipment on hand and editable from any browser (to examine with Microsoft Excel, Word, etc.)
  • 30+GB of area at the Google Drive (much like Dropbox)
  • Google Hangouts and diverse different features

Overall, the provider affords a top notch deal of accessories and could best run you approximately $50/year. The e mail provider on my own is really well worth it, now no longer to say the safety of your statistics and the privateness of your e mail.

For this reason, I even have switched again to this provider and could hold to apply it for the foreseeable future


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