Why Should You Own a Motorcycle?


During the warmer months, it is typical that gas prices start to rise. During these periods, there is also a hike in motorcycle sales. When compared to a car, the affordability due to better mileage is often the reason why people purchase a motorcycle. However, there are also more risks involved when riding a motorcycle on the open road that deters individuals from owning a motorbike.

Getting a motorcycle from a trusted brand is also a necessity. That being said, Yamaha, as a company, prides itself with years of engineering excellence and a proven safety record, when it comes to motorcycles. Decades in racing, on highways, and streets have made Yamaha a trusted brand. The Yamaha MT 07 boasts of its innovation and performance excellence that you may want to give a second look. 

Here are several reasons why you should own a motorcycle.

Reasons to Own a Motorcycle

  • Any driver will tell you that sitting in traffic is very inconvenient. Running through traffic is faster, more enjoyable, and easier with a motorcycle. Rather than wasting time listening to the radio, you can maneuver in between vehicles since the bike is comparatively smaller than other vehicles. And hence, there is a much bigger chance that you arrive at your destination earlier with a motorcycle than a car.
  • Motorcycles are better for the environment compared to cars. It is proven that motorcycles are more fuel-efficient, and it takes fewer materials to construct a motorbike. It is also cheaper to maintain a motorbike, and you take less space on roads and within infrastructures.
  • They say that riding is good for mental health. People who have struggled with mental illnesses have found riding to be beneficial for their overall well-being. If you engage in off-road riding or motorbike racing, you can improve your physical fitness too. Yamaha has contributed to the wins of several motorcycle enthusiasts who engage in contests around the world.
  • The riding community is a great place to meet friends and promote road safety. Many motorbike enthusiasts trade parts and help one another in matters regarding motorcycles. You can enhance your riding experience through meeting people with common interests and by talking about riding, racing, or just enjoying the company of motorcycle riders. You also learn to appreciate your surroundings by bonding with other riders.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Motorcycle

Aside from these reasons, riders will often mention these aspects when choosing your motorcycle so keep these in mind. 

  1. Make sure to check the seat height is correct. 
  2. The handlebar, brake, clutch lever, and footpegs placement must be reachable without any discomfort. 
  3. The seat cushion and footpegs must be comfortable.
  4.  The power of the engine must be predictable and easy to master. 
  5. The bike weight must be compact and light for easy handling. 

Ideally, the more the checks on the list, the better it is. Remember to make sure that you will be riding a motorcycle that you will always enjoy. 

Finding the perfect motorcycle meant for you can be overwhelming, but clearly, there are many more reasons why you should consider owning a motorcycle. When trying on a bike for the first time, make sure to check these aspects for comfort and ease of use. If you’re still uncertain about choosing a motorcycle, why don’t you try a test ride on the Yamaha MT 07 and take your riding adventure to the next level?


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