Why Breeding Dubia Roache Is Great?


Dubia roaches are becoming one of the best and popular food items for reptiles and insectivorous animals. They are a species of cockroaches from Argentine Rain Forests and are often recommended as live feeder insects. Interested in how to breed dubia roaches?  Do you want to know the benefits? Read on to know more-

  • They are easy to breed

Dubia roaches are easy to raise and care for. Along these lines, they are an extraordinary choice for reptile proprietors who are searching for a protected and conservative approach to give creature protein. Dubia roaches are explicitly dimorphic, which means it is anything but difficult to recognize guys from females. Likewise, these cockroaches can’t climb smooth surfaces, basically catching them in a rearing territory. If a proprietor of a pet reptile wishes to have bunches of dubia roaches available, it is genuinely simple to do as such. Attempting to raise crickets then again, is somewhat trickier and requires more involved work to finish the cycle. 

You just need an enclosure and some egg trays to layer up and the enclosure it ready. It is pretty easy to raise them. Their food options are often inexpensive. Dubia roaches are genuinely low-upkeep animals. They require negligible supplies to keep and the provisions they do require are effectively gotten. They require a negligible measure of water that can be acquired through water gems or even carrots. Their food prerequisites are basic. They can eat pretty much anything aside from potatoes. There is even cockroach chow that can be bought at pet stores. You do not need to invest a lot of money and effort into raising them.

  • They grow slowly
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Dubia roaches develop gradually. It takes a while for a dubia insect to arrive at full development size. Crickets develop rapidly so they may turn out to be excessively huge before there is an opportunity to take care of all to a pet reptile. Additionally, a colony gets a sustainable amount of roaches in different sizes. This is useful for reptiles, which grow slowly. You can always get similarly sized feeder insects from the colony for your pet.

  •  They are not found easily
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The factor that compels a lot of pet owners to raise dubia roaches is that they are not available easily. Despite being a great food source for any insectivorous pet, dubia roaches are not easily found and often are expensive to buy. But, on the other hand, raising them is a cost-effective investment. That means you get a sustainable supply of feeder insects without a lot of investments. Hence, raising a colony allows you to get a constant supply of food that is always in the right amount.

  •  They are high in nutrition
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Dubia roaches contain a lot of nutrition for any insectivorous pet. They are rich in nutrients. They offer nearly 22% protein or y our pet and can complete nearly 54% of the daily protein requirement of your pet. They also have a higher calcium and phosphorus ration. These two elements are essential for any reptile to ensure they do not suffer from MBD or metabolic bone disease. The dubia roaches offer enough calcium and phosphorus to ensure your pet gets a developed and stronger skeleton. 

Dubia roaches are lower in fat. They contain only 8% of fat and one of the feeder insects with less amount of fat. Hence, they are healthier for your pet. Moreover, they can offer a complete meal to your pet and can satiate their hunger easily.

  •  They are great for gut loading
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Dubia roaches have a long digestive tract and they gut load well. If you gut loads them, they often digest the supplements and further disintegrates the elements into simpler ones. Hence, when your pet eats the dubia roaches, they get to absorb the macro and microelements faster and in a healthier way. 

             You can easily start a dubia roach colony to get a proper supply of foods for your pet. For more         

             Assistance, you can connect to an expert pet handler or one who raises dubia roaches.


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