What is the gamerlaunch?


The gamerlaunch is a perfectly legitimate way to get into the world of gaming and high-performance PC gaming. It operates very much like Kickstarter, but for gamers instead of creators. People who are interested in getting into PC gaming can put up a pre-order for their desired computer, and then when it arrives they’re ready to game!

They’re always eager for new members, so join as soon as possible to lock in an amazing deal on your choice of budget-friendly or high-end models. You’ll receive all standard warranties and lifetime customer service with no hassle at all.

What does gamerlaunch offer?

The gamerlaunch is a great place to start your journey into the world of PC gaming. They offer everything you could ever want or need for a new system, including Fully customized gaming rigs, including many of the latest “gaming ready” processors and GPUs.

 No need to settle for that stock or bargain CPU/GPU combo from one of those showroom-style brands. You’ll receive a fully-loaded machine with the performance you’ve been looking for, guaranteed!

How does gamerlaunch work?

The gamerlaunch works by pre-orders! Once you’ve ordered your machine using one of their many starter packs, you’ll be assigned an order number. You can follow your order by visiting your account page and note that it is “processing”. Eventually, you’ll be contacted with a ship date and shipping details.

We at the“https://glremoved1myperfectwords.gamerlaunch.com/users/blog/6167016/2153697/comments-about-company-exante/?gid=583210” strive to make your customer service experience as pleasant as possible. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. See our contact information below!

Who is gamerlaunch for?

The gamerlaunch is for a diverse group of buyers: from people who are just starting out, to those who want to turn their new systems into hardcore overclocking machines. 

However, you will receive the same high-quality equipment and support you would have received buying a system on any other site. We are not trying to pick anyone’s pocket or sell them an overpriced piece of hardware. We simply want to be your one-stop-shop for all things gaming.

Are there any volume discounts?

There is NO VOLUME DISCOUNT on any of the products we offer. All prices are flat for all customers. There is NO volume discount on shipping either. Shipping fees are charged at the standard shipping rate and cannot be discounted under any circumstances. There are also no other markups or hidden fees or charges in any way whatsoever, so beware of other sites that may try to charge you for additional services like “shipping costs”.

Where are your prices so low?

We’ve worked hard to bring you the lowest prices on everything we sell. We don’t have any expensive retail stores or staff members; every cent of our profits go straight into price breaks from our suppliers. Because we have no retail stores, there is no retailer profit margin for us (or anyone else) to eat into, so you get the same low price on everything we sell.

 It’s that simple! Additionally, we do not believe in spending a lot of money on marketing and advertising to the general public as other companies do. Instead, we use the internet to spread our message to the gaming community. We believe that word-of-mouth is the most effective method of advertising.

What systems can I pre-order?

The gamerlaunch offers a wide variety of products for those wishing to enter the world of PC gaming. You can choose from any number of different systems, including:

  • Intel Gaming laptops are equipped with the latest processors and GPUs.
  • AMD Gaming laptops are equipped with the latest AMD processors and GPUs. (We DO NOT currently offer any Nvidia-based hardware) – Custom build-to-order gaming PCs utilizing multiple motherboards & CPUs – Gaming servers up to 10Gb / s bandwidth – Laptops running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 – Mobile gaming phones running Windows Phone or Windows 10


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