What is Pedicure and Difference between DIY and Spa Pedicure

and Spa Pedicure

There are many ways to pamper yourself, and a pedicure is one of them designed to provide essential care to your feet. Your feet are an important part of your body that may be overlooked in your daily routine, and the toes become healthy and clean through the pedicure, which is a cosmetic beauty treatment. You may feel lighter in the spaces between your toes, which will go a long way in identifying your tension, stress, and anxiety.You will learn what special treatment you need during the communication, such as any type of massage or some special pedicure like this vibrantsalonandspa.com.

Why is pedicure important? I can describe this in one line, to clean your feet and cuticles, and trimming and shaping your fingernails. The bonus is that you also get well-painted nails.

Essential Steps of DIY Pedicure 

A spa pedicure treatment can offer you far better results as compared to a home-based one, says Kristen from Vibrant Salon and Spa. But if you prefer a DIY pedicure treatment, then following these important steps

Cleansing, you can use any face cleanser or raw milk and massage for 2 min. After that, wipe your feet with a towel.

Soaking feet in warm water, Take a bathtub, add lukewarm water, 2ml hair shampoo, ¼ teaspoon Epsom salt, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, and keep your feet in tub form 5–7 min.

Scrubbing, now scrub your feet with some fair quality scrubber, or you can use coffee powder with sugar and do it for 2 min. Wash it with cold water.

Trim and Shape Nails, Trimming, and shaping nails is an important part of a pedicure. It is not simple if you want to have long nails. So trim your nail carefully and shape it accordingly. Improper trimming can cause ingrown toenails. 

Apply Mask, Next step is a foot mask. You can use any facial mask for this, and like Multani Mitti mask with rose water is the best one because it is a natural face mask. After applying, let it dry and then wash with water.

Apply Moisture, Moisture your feet with any good quality moisturizing lotion, i will recommend you some good brands for better result. This standard pedicure treatment is recommended at least once a month.

Why Nail salon pedicure is better than DIY

A pedicure is not only a trick that the nail technician uses to polish the nails, but it is also the process of polishing and cleaning the dead skin on the feet and the soles of the feet. It also massages the ankles and calves. It is also about cutting and trimming each toenail, then polishing it to give it a nice shine, and then the polish is applied.

The spa pedicure covers all the points that are not taken into account in a DIY pedicure. In a spa pedicure, they invest in creating an environment in which a customer can feel relaxed. Top Nail salon in Katy or spa treatment, you will see that they perform all tasks correctly with the utmost care and hygiene. This also includes a special peel and soak and massage of the feet as part of the usual routine.

Health Benefit of Pedicure

Pedicures are especially important for diabetics, the elderly, and anyone who has some skin related problem with their feet. It’s vital for people with diabetes to have regular foot care, so during a pedicure, any changes in skin or nails can be examined and reported to their doctor immediately. Often diabetes and other illnesses cause neuropathy in the extremities, and people can’t feel if they have any sores or ingrown nails. Pedicure treatment on a regular basis keep calluses from becoming aching and help stop ingrown toenails.


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