What is a mobile app design? Should we use the mobile app?

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The society is developing more and more, the application of electronic technology is increasingly popular. Thanks to that, businesses are also growing stronger, building solid brands in the mobile application market. The mobile app is a powerful support tool for businesses. So, what is a mobile app design? What factors do mobile app design prices affect? Let’s find the answers through the sharing below.

1. Mobile app? The importance of mobile app design for businesses

App (Application) means many applications, this application is written by programmers to run on many different platforms such as websites, computers, and phones.

Mobile App is a mobile application that allows you to use to access the content you want on devices such as phones, computers, …

Mobile applications are no strangers to programmers. However, for users, many people are still ambiguous. Literally, it is understood as an application only used for mobile devices or tablets, through the “online store” of companies such as Google Play of Google or the App Store of Apple.

The importance of Mobile App for businesses:

Having a separate website for a business is indispensable in the first step of development. However, building your own mobile app is still not common. Many businesses have yet to discover the importance of mobile apps. If you do not have time to learn, then take a look at the 6 benefits that mobile apps bring to businesses below!

  • Competition in business is inevitable when your competitors have built a solid website, invested more mobile apps to reach customers, have you done it yet? It not only affirms the brand, but you can completely compete with your competitors in many ways. Moreover, you show your customers that you can take care of them anytime, anywhere.
  • The mobile application was born with its own style and color that you can select and design to suit your customers. That also has its own brand characteristics, making it easy for users to identify the business among thousands of other competitors.
  • A mobile app will replace you with the customer. Because time using smartphones is increasing. Therefore, businesses can take care of them anytime, give specific advice, or take their orders anywhere. In addition, promotions and advertisements are also updated more quickly than the website opening time.
  • Enterprises can easily display their services and products on mobile applications without any difficulties. In addition, you can also regularly change promotional ads, featured products, … or connect the application to Facebook, Youtube, … Your customers can update immediately without having to wait a few days later. There may be times when the promotion has already expired!
  • When your business uses mobile apps to reach your target audience, users will pay attention to your offers, services, and products. How do they feel you are difficult to replace by any other mobile application. Expanding the market with mobile apps will definitely make customers more excited than customer care on the website.
  • Smartphones in the near future will always depend on the app stores. Because if you have a smartphone or an advanced feature phone, you will easily and conveniently access the world of applications.

2. What is a mobile app design?

What is a mobile app design? This is a fairly common question when it comes to mobile app design services. Mobile apps are applications designed to be used on the operating systems of smart mobile devices.

These apps usually operate on many different operating systems, in which android and ios are the two most commonly used operating systems. Mobile app design brings a lot of benefits to businesses in branding, developing, and connecting closely with customers.

The design of mobile apps can be programmed by the managing company or programmed by software outsourcing companies. The trend of outsourcing software receiving currently accounts for a higher proportion because it is more convenient and has lower investment costs.

Some of the most prominent and potential mobile apps are freight app, booking app, call a car, ticket hunting app, booking, accommodation management app, app book room, hotel booking.

3. What factors do mobile app design prices affect?

The price of mobile app design more or less depends on many factors and may incur fees depending on requirements and purposes of use. The following shares will give you some useful information on this matter.

3.1 You want to design a simple or complex mobile app?

First of all, to determine the price of mobile app design, you need to know what kind of app your app belongs to. Often people will be divided into 3 common basic levels as follows:

Mobile App does not have a web server:

A mobile app without a web server is a mobile app with no connection to exchange data with a server. When the user makes a choice, the screen will lead to the next step to the last desired page. It costs about 1000-5000 USD to create this kind of quite simple mobile app.

App game:

App games are quite complex applications, taking a long time to design and put into use. App game design prices range from 10,000 USD to 300,000 USD.

Phone app with Webserver:

Web server mobile apps are applications built with connectivity to exchange data with a server via API. Therefore, this kind of application requires complexity if you want to grow. The price of designing mobile apps with a web server usually ranges from 5,000 USD to 50,000 USD.

There are many factors that affect the design price of the Android ios app such as admin, integrating with 3rd party, using hardware devices like GPS, … In addition, you also need to share your vision of the app. mobile application in the future according to each stage of development. To avoid the need to redo the application, you should not do it all at once.

3.2 Should make an app on iOS or an app on Android?

Many people think that creating and designing apps on Android will be cheaper than iOS. However, in fact, many data shows that the cost to pay shows that the price to pay for the application on these two platforms is the same. So, should you have a clear direction before creating an application, identifying the target customers are on iOS, Android, or both? In order to save the editing costs or other arising problems.

There are 3 factors that directly affect mobile app design prices:

  • Complex or simple application features
  • App development personnel
  • Android or iOS operating system?

Mobile app design prices can also be affected by many other factors arising in the process of editing or working with developers. The above sharing are some general conditions for you to visualize the wastage for a complete application. If you have a need to design a professional app, you can search for professional programming and related software design sites that are very professional and reputable today.


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