What Are The Top Heart Hospitals In India?

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When it comes to operating your heart, you can’t trust any random doctor. That is why it is important to look up for the top heart hospitals in India and pick just from them. The correct hospital won’t only ensure great doctors; it will also provide you with reliable services. Hence, you won’t have to worry about anything. However, the problem here is how to select the best hospitals.

If you are thinking of going by people’s recommendations, you may be making a mistake because everyone has their own priorities. Plus, their good experience doesn’t ensure that you will have a smooth journey too. In order to make your work more convenient, we have brought here a few of the top hospitals for heart in India. You can go for any of them as per your location and their features.

#1 Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Delhi

You will find this name on every list that contains the best hospitals in India. The key features of this place are:

●  There are over 200 expert doctors that can help you with any other issues as well

●  The staff consists of around 1600 qualified employees that provide you with the most comfortable service

●  Advanced technology and great space

●  NABH certified

#2 Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai

Apollo is yet another trusted name in the healthcare industry. The features of the hospital are:

●  Almost all cardiac bypass surgeries are conducted without lung-heart machine

●  Cardiac Care Units (CCUs) with individual nursing

●  Best surgeons and doctors

●  Top medical pieces of equipment

#3 Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket

You must have heard Max Healthcare Group’s name in several places related to the medical industry. The best features of the hospital are:

●  Cardiac emergency cases handled all day long, every day

●  All complex cardiac conditions treated

●  Reliable medical facilities

●  All cases managed according to individual requirements with the help of best technology

#4 Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Bangalore

Narayana’s name has been there in the list of the top heart hospital in India for several years. Some of its key features are:

●  All advanced cardiac treatments done by the qualified and experienced doctors

●  Cutting-edge technology for proper surgeries and analysis

●  Separate cardiac unit for pediatric patients

●  Availability of non-surgical lead extraction for infected lead patients

#4 Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon

Medanta is one of the best hospitals you can find in and around Gurgaon. Few of its features are:

●  A great team of expert doctors that take care of individual patients

●  All kinds of leading-edge technology

●  9 OTs just in the cardiology department

●  Several years of experience in handling complex cardiac cases

ConclusionCardiac treatments are complex, which is the reason why people only prefer the top heart hospital in India for these procedures. It will be great if you also do the same and only pick one of these hospitals. In case of emergency, you can either go to these or to the best available hospital in your area. Once the patient is stable, you can move them to the trusted and best hospitals so that they can be treated well, and the problem can be adequately solved.


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