What Are the Biggest Medical Issues in America?

Medical Issues

It will come as no shock to anyone who lives in America that we aren’t always known as the healthiest of people.

While some Americans are known to be health nuts who live on kale and water, the rest of the population is suffering from some of the worse health outlooks in generations.

The Poor Health Of A Rich Nation

Health problems are so rampant that they might not even seem like issues to some people. Between fast food-induced diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and the many other health issues that plague America, it might seem like there’s nothing that can be done about it.

So, what are the biggest medical issues in America?

This listicle will attempt to address some of the problems that are facing Americans today. Please note that there are many other problems out there, this is simply a sampling.


Diabetes is considered to be one of the biggest medical issues in America, and for good reason.

There are different types of diabetes, but it’s generally defined as having an abnormally high level of glucose in your blood due to either not enough insulin or the cells not responding to insulin.

Poor Eyesight

If there’s one thing that’s definitely worth spending money on, it’s your eyesight.

People spend millions on vision correction surgery and Lens replacement surgery every year, and yet we still have millions of adults who need surgery for their eyes as well as those with young children who suffer from nearsightedness as a result of their environment.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in America, and it’s not even close to the second.

A staggering number of Americans have heart disease, and millions more are at risk for it. If you have health insurance, it’s likely you have some type of coverage for this issue, but even so, you shouldn’t wait until there’s a problem to take care of it.

Obesity-Related Health Issues

Obesity is now considered to be the most dangerous health problem in America. Obesity issues cause so many problems that it’s impossible to keep track of all of them. 

There are now millions of Americans who are considered obese, and the condition is also a major cause of diabetes and heart disease, discussed above. Obese people also have a higher risk of developing cancer than those of normal weight.

Lack of Proper Healthcare

Many people in the United States are under the impression that they have insurance through their employer, but they don’t.

Due to the cost associated with healthcare in America, many people are simply put on a high deductible plan that has a large monthly premium. This means that if you get sick, you’re on your own for a while until you reach your deductible.

If you don’t have an employer-provided plan, you probably know all too well how expensive it can be to go out and purchase an individual plan on your own. This is another major medical issue in our country, and it’s something that many people overlook or ignore.


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