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American citizens will cite a number of problems with their nation, and really, who doesn’t cite problems with their home country? A true patriot isn’t blind to the issues with their government, quality of life and so on. While America certainly isn’t perfect, there is a lot to love about this nation, sadly, the health care system certainly isn’t one of them. Not only is there no socialized healthcare for the large portion of citizenry who need it, but the out-of-pocket price for pretty much any medication is unreasonably high to add insult to injury.

This is a really big problem, because some of these medications can be rather important not just for quality of life but for continued life entirely. This is the case with something like Bystolic, a member of the beta blocker family of blood pressure medications. It’s not the only such medication, as there are a great many other similar to it, but something that performs this function can be necessary for a large portion of American citizens. As you will see shortly, a simple search for “view Bystolic price in Canada” will solve a lot of these problems.

What is Bystolic?

There’s a good chance that you stumbled upon this article while doing basic research on this medication, so we’re going to save you the trouble of a lot of further research by discussing it in brief here. You should of course consult your physician before taking this medication, and you should do further research before putting anything in your body, but let’s give you a basic view and understanding of this medication.

It’s a beta blocker, working to lower blood pressure and thus reducing the risk of potentially fatal things like heart attacks, strokes and potentially even some forms a blood clot. It stands out from other beta blockers simply because it works along an additional pathway, one that seems to be patented and rather secret, that somehow binds receptors to the heart.

This medication is a triangular tablet with a pinkish or purplish hue.

Dangerous side effects, which are very rare, include lower than normal heart rate, low blood sugar, vomiting and difficulty breathing. These are signs of an overdose, and you should contact a doctor immediately if you encounter them. Less severe common side effects (as in no more than 9% of clinical trial subjects) include headaches, tiredness, dizziness, stomach pain, lack of energy and mild tingling sensations.

I have high blood pressure, and Bystolic is expensive! How can I get it cheaper?

Normally, one of our recommendations would be to opt for a generic version of the medication, but Bystolic does not have a generic form presently. However, you do have the option of ordering this medication from a Canadian pharmacy. While still pay a slightly marked a price due to import taxes and so forth, it will be far cheaper than purchasing it through an American pharmacy. All you have to do is search for “view Bystolic price in Canada” in any reliable search engine.

This is pretty obvious, but there’s a little more nuance to it in the fact that you need to make sure that your ordering from a reliable source, lest you get fake medication that could actually do serious harm. Be certain that it is a listed Canadian pharmacy, and lists of these are also readily available online. Do your research on the supplier, and you should be fine.

Bystolic is prohibitively expensive in the United States, and if you can’t find a price for you like even through a Canadian pharmacy, considering another beta blocker that offers a generic form, as while it may not be quite as potent as Bystolic, it’ll probably work just as well in the long run.


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