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Please be aware that has only one email address. While I do have a phone number, I ask that you please do not call me there. has been my hobby for over ten years, and I’m still learning, so I am sure that there are still plenty of questions that I don’t have answers for. Please feel free to ask me.

I hope that everyone who has a question is happy with everything that I have to say. I would be remiss if I did not mention that there is always a chance that my answers may change in the future, but I ask that you please be patient with me and remember this is my learning process as well as my hobby.

me there is an online community where I share my personal thoughts, ideas, and opinions, and Im always open to discussing them with anyone who is interested. I also have a YouTube channel ( where I talk about movies, TV shows, and video games.

In this video I discuss my thoughts about watching movies. I explain why I think that it seems like a waste of time to watch movies on TV when we can all just sit down together and watch a movie on Netflix. I also discuss why I think watching movies on TV is better than watching movies on a computer.

Netflix, a streaming service similar to Vudu that also streams movies, is definitely an option. Personally I don’t enjoy watching movies on TV, but some people seem to like it and I don’t mind at all. The reason I don’t like it is because I tend to watch movies from the comfort of my couch and not the comfort of my bed.

I think Netflix is a great option for a couple reasons. One is that they offer a wide variety of movies, so they are easy to find. Another reason is that they are a lot cheaper than Vudu. The last thing I like about movies on TV is that there is always something to watch. Even if it is a movie I have seen dozens of times before and I just sit down and watch it, I can always find something new to watch.

I’m sure Netflix does a great job of giving you some of the best movies on TV, but it’s a little more complicated for me to say. I’m not sure about what Netflix does for you, as I have no idea what it does for me. It doesn’t say things like “I need to watch it on Netflix”, but it does say things like “I’ve read the books on it.

Netflix is a good place for that, but it wont tell me how to watch a movie. The best movie of the year is always a surprise, so that’s what I tell myself. Like I said earlier, its not that they dont actually tell me anything. It just gives me my own little list of things to watch. I dont watch everything on it, but I do know that if Ive watched a few movies on there, I at least know what Ive watched.


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