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Installing a TV without professional help might be extremely difficult. One needs to know every specific detail about the parts and the screws before fixing them. The placement of the television, the design, the connections, and automating the TV can be pretty stressful too. There aren’t many trusted sources to rely on in a locality. For Australia, here’s a checklist before a TV installation in Brisbane.

One can install a TV in a cabinet/stand or wall-mounted. It depends on an individual’s preference to locate the design and setting for placing their television. It is to be carefully done, keeping in mind space and aesthetics. After all, this comes cable management. A thorough checking to see where one can set an electric connection, how much it will cost, how to handle the wires and cover them is required. Protecting them can be done using tape of the colour of the wall or creating a small vent on the edges of the barriers to pass them through. They could also be hidden behind cabinets but arranging, but it becomes an issue to separate and sort them later. 

Wall mounting the TV can be a time consuming and tedious process. It requires drilling the walls, finding an appropriate stud to mount the TV on, screwing onto the studs, and levelling the TV. For the drilling process, a power drill is the best option because it completes the work faster and more efficiently than a regular screwdriver. Another hand to help would make things better since TV’s are heavy and difficult to move around. 

On finding the spot for placing the TV, holes are drilling into the wall wherever marked with paint tape. Paint tape is used to indicate those spots for surety and precision. After this, the mount is held into the wall and screwed onto the previously drilled holes. Next, place your TV onto the mount. Ensure there aren’t additional screws on it; remove the stands under the TV if already attached. 

Keeping the TV on a stand could be more accessible and convenient since it can be easily moved and levelled to the necessary surface. Stands could have two pieces on either side or a single piece in the middle for support.

Authorising your tv and connecting to other devices like a set-top box, consoles, etc., are additional processes. Since wall mounting is a tougher process, it requires professional assistance, but it clears all surface space issues. One could find many professionals for TV installation in Brisbane who also help with authorisation and connection issues.

There are different types of wall mounting too;

Flat mount: It’s fundamental and uses clips to attach to the TV. It keeps the TV closest to the wall, and it’s a highly safe method that is widely used. In addition, it’s easier to angle and twist the TV at one’s convenience.

Hook mount: This method involves a hook behind the TV, which is inserted into the mount. It’s easier as the TV can be removed much easier to be moved and cleaned. 

Tilt mount: It uses the same principle as flat mount, it can help to tilt the TV to a preferred angle, but it isn’t great for handling heavier TV’s

Full-motion mount: This gives complete freedom of movement for adjusting according to the seating. It’s the type of mount to be used for professional or large settings as it’s also costly. Many of them allow movement away and towards the wall too. 

After mounting, when there’s a need for connecting consoles or authorising the TV, the cable connections and their ports might be very confusing. However, there’s always manuals provided with consoles or customer service options to help with the ports. Most TV installation services help with authorising and connecting issues too.


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