Tips to Start a Successful Online Grocery Store

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Among different niches that are currently moving around the online e-commerce sector, e-commerce grocery stores gain higher attention. Many budding entrepreneurs have taken their first step in developing an online grocery platform. This is mainly because of the recent statistical reports that state the revenue of the e-commerce grocery store will quadruple by 2023. So stepping into this grocery field is the right choice that can earn you a good profit.

Essential features to be in an online grocery platform

To start a successful online grocery store, you need to be well-versed with all extensive features that will help the buyers, grocers as well as admin to use the online grocery platform effectively. Let us analyze the features of each player in detail

Prominent admin features of the online grocery platform

Dashboard – This is where the admin will get a clear picture of the performance of his online grocery platform. You will get to know in detail about overall sales, revenue, expenses ie. Day-wise, month-wise, and even year-wise. You can get whatever reports you want by viewing your dashboard.

User management – the admin will have complete control of accepting, rejecting, and managing the users in the online grocery platform. Few users may be fake and may post irrelevant content. You can also edit their posts and other details. You can view all the transactions that they have done with your e-commerce grocery store. So the admin can monitor those things and can keep the e-commerce grocery store perfect.

Delivery management – you can satisfy your customers not only with your product quality but also with on-time delivery. Collaborate with a genuine delivery system and ensure that the customers get their products without any delays. Get to know the current status of the delivery through the delivery agent.

Analytics & reporting – you need to get reports about each activity that happens within your e-commerce grocery store. This will help you to analyze what went wrong and what worked. You can focus more on your failures and make it positive and let your online grocery platform perform well.

Push notifications – the admin needs to be in contact with the grocers as well as the customers. Once the order is placed, grocers should be intimated and the corresponding delivery agent should be informed about the store so that he can go and collect the products. For all this, the admin should have a reliable push notification feature.

Payment gateways – the mission of owning an online grocery platform will be accomplished only when the platform is well integrated with the payment gateways. Make sure you have given enough security to your grocery e-commerce website to ensure safer transactions.

The extraordinary features of grocers/vendors

Geo-location services – the grocers will take orders that come under their geo-location. So they need to have a geo-location service. After confirming the locality the grocers can accept the orders. Also, they can find the shortest route to reach the customer and save time and transportation expenses.

Chat support – once the order is placed, the vendor may have doubts regarding the order so they may need to chat with the customer and should clarify their doubts. So it is very important to have chat support in your e-commerce grocery store.

Accept/ reject orders – grocers need to have the right to accept or reject the orders as per his terms. The grocer can set the minimum order value and if a customer orders less than that value then the grocer can reject the order. Also if the area is out of his coverage then he can reject that particular order.

Inventory management – the grocer needs to maintain his inventory and should take orders accordingly. He needs to be reminded about the stock deficiency so that he can fill it on time. He should get periodic reports regarding his stocks.

The remarkable features of the buyers

Easy registration – the buyer should undergo an easy registration process. The login process should contain simple steps so that even a common man can register with your online grocery platform. And they should be able to edit and manage their profile, set and reset the passwords, and many more.

Advanced search options – buyers should easily find the product they need. The search option should guide the buyers to find their product easily. Also, give importance to the filtering options so that buyers may not see unwanted products on the page.

Shopping cart – this is one of the key features that has to be in-built for the buyers to help them in the check out process. The ‘Add to cart’ option will allow the buyer to store the product they may need in the future in the cart. They can find those products in the shopping cart and can buy whenever they need it.

Delivery schedule – buyers need to fix the delivery schedule. Most of them will be working and they may not be available at home at the time of delivery. Our e-commerce grocery store should give them options to fix their convenient delivery schedule.

Tracking the order – the buyers will always be curious to know where their order is currently moving. So make sure your e-commerce grocery store has a tracking facility that will help the buyer to track and know the status of their orders.

Review & ratings – customers will love to give their feedback about the products they have purchased. Allow them to rate your product or service. This will help you to enhance the performance of your grocery ecommerce platform. Positive reviews will help you to get ranking in all search engines and this will also get your grocery e-commerce website huge traffic and will increase your sales.


Before you start your online grocery platform, better make sure that your e-commerce grocery store contains all the above-mentioned key features. You can even analyze your competitors and can also include some of their features in your online grocery platform. Only then you can make it successful and can get greater returns out of it.


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