Tips for Starting a New Sport

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Time, like life, passes fast…it ticks day by day with a lack of taking care of your health & wellness. One of the best things you can do to get back on track with your fitness is to pick up a new sport, ideally one that you haven’t spent much time doing before to pick up new skills and strengthen new parts of your body! There is an abundance of wonderful sports out there that you have probably never tried, so when you decide to choose a new sporting activity, you may also pick up a brand new set of skills; beginning to discover how the sport works and how you can adapt from it is exciting. It’s also a great learning experience and you may meet a lot of new people along the way as well. Here are some tips for getting into a sport and using it to increase your health & wellness and live injury free

  • Be fearless against making mistakes – Failure is only an option, especially when you are trying something new. Therefore, doing things “the wrong way” is a critical key to the learning process. The important point is to see it not as a failure, but as part of your journey. Learning from any errors and adjusting your future will only make you better in that sport in the long run.
  • Finding a trainer – It is always a good thing to find someone who is more experienced in your sport than you and trusted enough for you to ask unfiltered questions. There may be some questions that might feel embarrassing, but in the early days, no question is a bad question; knowledge is key. The connections of the sport make the endeavor special, and most of us love to share. When you gain much more experience, someday you can return the favor and help out a new person to the very same sport! 
  • Creating a list of sportsIt’s a good idea to begin by listing a range of sports that you may be interested in playing for whatever reason. This is to simply create a long list of sporting activities that you can choose along the way. If you are deciding to do this, you should think of different ways in which you might enjoy or benefit from playing a specific sport.
  • Narrowing down your list of sports – When you have set a list of sports that you may be interested in and you’ve been enjoying playing for some time, you can start trying out other sports on your list and seeing how you feel when you’re performing each sporting activity. You can then cross some of the options off your list and keep narrowing it down until you have one sport that you know is right for you that will help you with your health & wellness. Some people list all the Olympic disciplines and start their list from there…
  • Continue to learn and improve – It is recommended to be dedicated to a sport in order to excel – by continuing to learn and think about what you can do will improve both your ability on the field of play and your general knowledge of the sport. Once you’ve gained enough knowledge and understanding, you can begin to strategize the chosen activity to advance even further.
  • Push yourself – Lastly, you should keep in mind the importance of pushing yourself. If you are not pushing yourself hard and adding enough effort into the sport, you’re going to fall short and eventually realize that you are not getting any closer to the fitness goals you had in mind from the start.

Starting a new sport is an amazing way to get fit and to start being active again. If you have ever been through a stage of inactivity for any reason and you want to get back on track, picking up a new sport is an ideal way of returning to your regular fitness routine. Additionally, when you are training on your own, remember to include rest time into your schedule. Make sure you take at least 1-2 days off per week before heading back to your sporting routine. Generally, taking at least 2 months off each year from any particular sport will help prevent repetitive stress injuries.


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