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Drinking water is an essential part of day-to-day life. Humans need water in our bodies for a number of different reasons. It keeps us hydrated, regulates body temperature, maintains blood pressure, and much more. But sometimes it can be difficult to drink an appropriate amount of water every single day. It’s common that people can go weeks without getting a proper daily intake of water. If you feel like this is something that is affecting you, it could be time to try to pick up some water-friendly habits.

If you have difficulty swallowing water, you may need to add a food thickener to your beverage. They are available from Simply Thick and are readily available. 

How Much Water Do I Need? 

So firstly, how much water does a human require? It’s recommended that women have a daily intake of over 2.5 liters daily. While men should be looking to drink over 3.5 liters. This is just a rough gauge, however. Based on where you live, you might require more water in a warmer climate. This is to prevent the dehydration that would be caused by the high temperatures. People who exercise regularly should also have a particularly high water intake. 

Once you have a fair idea of how much water you need, you can start setting goals to drink sufficient water. These goals should take into consideration your activity levels, time allowance, water access, and frequency. For starters, it could be good to aim for 1.5 liters per day. Trying to drink 500ml every three or so hours.  

Get a Reusable Bottle 

Having a water bottle you can take everywhere with you is hugely beneficial. This means you can take drinking water with you no matter the situation. Whether you are out shopping, at work, or in the garden working, it’s good to always have water on hand. Not to mention reusable bottles are better for the environment. 

Flavor Your Water

Many people will dislike the taste of water, or feel it’s too bland to enjoy. You can easily add fruit flavorings to your water to give it a bit more flavor. You can do this by squeezing fruits into your water, or purchasing flavorings and dilutes ready to go. It’s worth noting that some of these products may include added sugars or other artificial sweeteners and flavorings. 

Use Reminders

Sometimes you just forget to drink water, after all it is easy to do. You can easily set a reminder on your phone to top up your water or even just drink a few mouthfuls. These reminders can be every 30 minutes, hour, or two hours, depending on your preference. Eventually, you’ll naturally get into the habit of drinking water often. 

Be Consistent

Trying to drink 2.5-3.5 liters of water a day won’t be easy. But you shouldn’t be uncomfortable when trying to achieve it. If you notice it’s time to go to bed and you haven’t drunk any water, one small glass will do. Trying to drink a day’s worth of water in one go won’t be a good idea. Your body won’t be able to absorb it correctly and you may feel sick or experience bladder problems.


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