The Way Heroin Alters Your Health and Behavior is Scary!


Are you or your loved one addicted to diamorphine or diacetylmorphine? Well, this isn’t a new drug on the block. It’s the chemical name of the popular heroin! Its ability to create a strong euphoria is a major attraction that leads many people to use it. 

Knowing heroin 

The heinous heroin comes packed as an off-white powder or black/dark brown tar-like resin. These are the processed versions of the drug. The more natural form of heroin is the brown powder form. 

Heroin is made from the opium poppy plant (scientific name: Papaver somniferum). This drug has a long history. It was earlier used as a strong analgesic (painkiller). The “feel-good” factor of heroin is what attracts most of the world to it. 

Alarming use of heroin 

New York drug rehab center gets a lot of heroin addicts. Every year sees an increase in heroin addicts. This seems to be a never-ending disease. The thing is: using it just once gives you such a “beautiful high” that you want to use it again. It is rare to find somebody saying ‘no’ to heroin after they have used it once. 

Three popular ways of using heroin are:

  • Snorting
  • Smoking
  • Injecting 

Effects of heroin on physical health

  • Slurred speech
  • Constipation
  • Reduced sensitivity to pain
  • Frequent sniffing or runny nose
  • Memory issues

Effects of heroin on behavior 

  • Appearing ill-groomed and unhygienic due to a loss of interest in personal hygiene and grooming
  • Indulging in stealing and lying
  • Indulging in dangerous activities
  • Not being able to differentiate what is right and wrong and doing things on impulse
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and other activities that once gave them happiness
  • Overall abnormal behavior that does not go with the personality that the person once had

Seeking help 

If you have such a person around you, it is best to call an addiction hotline. Do not lose hope in him/her. Addiction is not the end of the world. It’s just a condition, which is possible to reverse through appropriate treatment and therapies. 

However, it could become the end of the person, if you do not seek to help them. Don’t let an addict just be. And never think he or she will come out of it on their own. They won’t because they can’t. 

The very word “addiction” means the substance has a grip over them and the addict is helpless. 

Benefits of an appropriate addiction treatment 

The world has many addicts who want to go off the substance, but they can’t. They can do this with a little help from experts who specialize in rehabilitating such people. A proper heroin withdrawal treatment can do wonders for an addict. 

A large number of addicts have gone completely sober after years of abusing powerful drugs like heroin. This may be hard to believe, but it is true. 

In the beginning, the addicts could not imagine themselves living a life without heroin. 

By the end of the recovery program, they could not imagine how they were living a life with heroin! 
A drug rehab program can bring such amazing transformations in people. So, if you or your loved one is into heroin, enroll in such a program today.


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