The Top 5 Fabric Bed Materials with Great Qualities to Choose From

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A bed is an essential piece of furniture for all homes. After a long day of work, it is in the comfort of our bed that we retrieve and regain strength for a new day. With the growing demand for comfort, the nature of beds has also undergone a transformation. There is a wide range of options in the market to choose from, which can become confusing and overwhelming sometimes to decide which of these materials are the best. A fabric bed is a new addition to the line of beds which is designed especially to give maximum comfort.

The choices, materials, and fabric types for the bed have distinct qualities and pros and cons that people need to weigh before buying.

This post will help everyone cut through the overwhelming and confusing process of choosing the best one by identifying the different bed fabric materials and their distinct qualities. 

1. Cotton

It is considered the most common and the most popular fabric for bed, bed linens or beddings in the market for so many good reasons. It is breathable, highly durable, comfortable, and easy aftercare. Above all, cotton is very affordable and widely available. 

One can choose different types of cotton for their preferred fabric material for bed frames and beds. However, different terms refer to the types of cotton themselves. In comparison, other names or terms refer to its weave style and its method of treating the fabric. 

Here are the different types of cotton fabric that are used for beds:

  • Egyptian cotton 
  • Upland cotton 
  • Supima®
  • Cotton jersey 
  • Percale 
  • Combed cotton 
  • Flannel

2. Linen

Linen is not just used for beddings and pillowcases. It is also used for bed frames and bed headboards. Linen comes from fibres from the flax plant stems. They are lightweight, breathable, hypoallergenic, and moisture-wicking material that is also widely available. 

Linen is a natural fibre and very easy to care for, like cotton. Linen is also preferred by many because of its affordability and, of course, its quality. 

3. Tencel 

It is a brand of fabric material that is made from eucalyptus tree’s wood pulp. It has soft but very strong features and is known for its antimicrobial ability. Tencel is best used for bed linens, bed sheets, and bed frames because of its ability to eliminate bacteria and germs that cause the smell. 

It is also an environmentally friendly fabric because of its sustainable production. It uses less energy, water, and chemicals compared to other types of fabric. 

4. Acetate

Acetate is a type of fabric that comes from wood fibres’ cellulose. It has a satiny and cozy feel. But it has a delicate quality that requires a specific hand-wash or dry-cleaning process to prevent its fibres from getting weaker. 

It is as comfortable as the mentioned fabric materials listed above but not that widely available and affordable. 

5. Silk

Silk is probably the most expensive of all the types listed in this post. However, it is considered a luxurious and very soft fibre that comes from an insect called silkworm. This fabric bed material is highly preferred for bedsheets, bed linens, and pillow covers because of its smooth and breathable feel. 

However, like mentioned above, silk is expensive, but its quality and beauty are worth every penny spent. 

When choosing the materials for the bed fabric, there are no right or wrong choices. It always comes down to personal choice, priorities and the overall interior style of the bedroom. 

However, it would be best to consider all options thoroughly, when choosing the bed fabric material and, of course, weigh in the choice by weighing in the information listed above for making the right choice for maximum rest and comfort. 


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