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Being an online seller requires accomplishing several steps first before a transaction is completed and successful. Nowadays, online shopping gets more rampant because people do not have the same freedom to go to physical stores anymore because of the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It would be very dangerous and impractical to go shopping for unnecessary things like clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and other non-essential items in the malls. But it doesn’t mean they can’t buy these things anymore. It’s only a matter of where and how they should purchase those materials without being exposed to a higher risk of being infected by the virus.

With that being said, online sellers are now playing a significant role in the economy. Since most people are shopping online now, it is not the same as shopping conventionally. The traditional way is done by collecting things in a cart then paying them in a cashier, and that’s it. They can already go home with their items on hand. Meanwhile, online shopping is quite different. They only scroll through online shopping applications or websites, add items to their cart, and then check them out in just a few clicks. About the payment, some can still pay through cash when they receive their parcels, but others also prefer cashless payment, such as linking their bank accounts and other online modes of payment transfer. When these items are successfully checked out, customers can already track their parcels. Tracking numbers are used to know the status of their order. They are very helpful for both customers and sellers. The seller can also know when the parcels finally arrive at their destination with a proof of delivery app.

What is proof of delivery?

A proof of delivery is similar to a receipt. It is very self-explanatory. It is proof that a parcel has already been delivered successfully to its destined buyer. It is a vital part of any logistics company with delivery systems because it is one way to know that an order is safely and accurately delivered.

Receivers of the parcel usually sign on a paper that confirms that they have received the items and agree that they receive them without complaints. But the modern world does not do it this way anymore. Most logistics companies are now using a proof of delivery app which electronically confirms a successful delivery, rather than the traditional paper and pen way.

What are the pros of using electronic proof of delivery than the traditional one?

An electronic proof of delivery, the device used only takes smaller space than huge paper clipboards. Riders only need a digital device such as a mobile phone, and they can enter the details through the app. In this way, misunderstandings about the details and letters are also avoided because the fonts are computerized. It is also much needed nowadays because, as mentioned, there is still a rampant virus out there. It would be best to avoid social contact as much as possible. Usually, electronic proof of delivery would only require taking a photo of the customer with the item; it is then uploaded to the application, and the system is already automated and takes care of the rest. It is also a more efficient and faster way to notify the seller that the items have been delivered. Data is also more accurate. 


When ordering online, proof of delivery is very important and the last step in online shopping. It is a critical part, especially for the logistics team, because it is one way to know that their items have been shipped successfully. The traditional proof of delivery uses pen and paper, but electronic applications are more used nowadays. They are also more efficient, faster, and more accurate than the conventional way. Electronic proof of delivery is also very helpful in maintaining social distance between people, making it safer to do transactions during the pandemic.


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