The Best Type of Mp3 Juice Music for Every Zodiac Sign

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Do you know the best type of music for your zodiac sign? If not, then this blog post is for you! Here are the top recommended mp3s that will be perfect for each and every one of your zodiac signs.

1) Pisces: 

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This zodiac sign is an emotional fish. The Pisces are sensitive creatures with a lot of empathy, and they need gentle music that will make them feel relaxed and peaceful. Some songs to try out for your Pisces friend:

  • “Swimming Home” by Jens Lekman – This song has the perfect rhythm for the Pisces to calm down and relax.
  • “Emblem of the World” by Beirut – The tempo is just right, plus it has the perfect mix of vocals that are soothing and beautiful at the same time.
  • “The Lonely Crowded West” by Modest Mouse: This song has a lot of distortion which can be therapeutic

One more Best Type of Mp3 Juice music to get a Pisces moving is electronic dance music. They love anything with a good beat and they have an excellent sense of rhythm so this genre will suit them perfectly. Check out artists like Avicii or David Guetta if you’re looking for some great EDM choices!

2) Virgo: 

Virgos are all about that bass and they love a good beat. Virgo is also an excellent DJ, so give them some music to work with! Some of their favorite artists are Bassnectar or Deadmau-five.For those born under the Virgo star sign, can also try listening to something acoustic or jazz-inspired. Nothing too intense, though. You don’t want to get stressed out! Artists like Norah Jones or Ella Fitzgerald would be excellent choices for this zodiac sign.

3) Aries:  

If your friend is an Aries, then they’re a fire sign. They are passionate and need music that will get them pumped up! The best songs for this zodiac sign would be anything with high tempo beats or rock tunes like “Reptilia” by the Strokes or “Eminence Front” by The Who .Anything by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is also guaranteed to get an Aries on their feet. The playlist “Californication” will have your friend singing and dancing along in no time! If you’re looking for something with a little less intensity, then try some Chet Faker or Lorde tunes. These are slower songs that will still get your friend in a good mood.

Music 1629273053
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Just make sure to check the lyrics before you play these songs! Aries do not like being told what to do and they don’t really care about anything but themselves, so any song with messages of love or helping others might be hard for them to listen to if it doesn’t fit with their personality.The best type of Mp-juice for an Aries is a bit different than what you might think. If they’re in the mood to get pumped up, then they may also try some rap! Artists like Drake or Jay Z would be perfect choices.

4) Taurus:

If you’re a Taurus, try listening to some rhythmic music. You like things that are soothing and relaxing for the most part so anything with an easy beat will work best for this sign. Try artists like Maroon Five or Taylor Swift!

5) Gemini:

Gemini’s are all about new experiences and they love to explore. For this zodiac sign, try something with a lot of variety! The best type of Mp-juice for Gemini would be anything from the Beatles or Michael Jackson to Rihanna or Eminem.For those born under the Gemini star sign, you can also try listening to some pop music. You love variety and you’re always looking for something new so pick up a song from your favorite artist today!

Music 1629273132
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6) Cancer: 

Cancer is the sign of sensitivity. They are emotional creatures that need music with a lot of melody and soul in it to make them feel safe and loved. The best songs for this zodiac sign would be anything with vocals, like “Purple Rain” by Prince or any song from Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book album.For the Cancers, you can also try listening to some blues. It’s never been more clear that you love music!

7) Leo: 

Leos are the most confident, passionate sign in the zodiac. This means that they won’t appreciate any songs with a slow tempo or sad lyrics. They want to be pumped up and ready for anything!The best type of Mp-juice music for Leos would be some rap/hip hop tunes like Jay Z or Kendrick Lamar. They love being the center of attention and they want everyone else to feel as excited about their life as them!Try listening to some oldies if your Leo friend is in a different mood. Artists like Elvis Presley or The Beatles would be perfect for this sign because these songs are nostalgic and will remind you of happy memories with your loved ones.

For the Leos, you can also try listening to some rock. You love intense music and you’re always looking for something that will make your adrenaline rush!

8) Virgo:

For those born under the Virgo star sign, try listening to something acoustic or jazz-inspired. Nothing too intense, though. You don’t want to get stressed out! Artists like Norah Jones or Ella Fitzgerald would be excellent choices for this zodiac sign.

We hope this article has helped you figure out what type of Mp3 Juice music is best for your zodiac sign. Hope you liked this blog, for more stay tuned.


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