Sunglasses: How Do You Find the Right Pair for Your Face Shape

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Just like clothes, it is crucial to find the right pair of sunglasses to complement your face. It is important to know the shape of your face as it will help you find more functional and better fitting sunglasses, which leads to a stylish look. 

Whether you have an oval, round, heart or square-shaped face, there is a great selection of Gucci sunglasses for you. Here is a guide to help you find the perfect frame for your face shape.


Those with round faces are blessed with noticeable curves with less designed angles. The best frames for round faces are those with more obvious angles to balance the roundness, making a face look longer and slimmer. Go for aviators and square-shaped sunglasses to add angles. You may also try experimenting with upswept frames, like D-frame and cat-eye, to draw attention upwards, elongating the face.


Those who have square-shaped faces have angular features with a prominent jawline. Opposite to those with round faces, square-faced individuals look more balanced with rounded or oval-frame sunglasses that are wider on the side. The design lends a balanced look to the sharp lines of the face.


Oval faces are long and narrow. They work well with oversized glasses. Like square-faced people, you want to pick glasses with rounded corners and softer lines. Wayfarers are an excellent choice, but pick large frames over small ones.  You may also want to try wraparound styles, which is also great for sports use.


A diamond face shape is characterized by a narrow forehead and jawline with their cheekbones as the widest part of the face. Rimless and oval frames complement the wide cheekbones. Ideally, diamond-faced people should go for frames with gentle curves and not wear anything wider than their cheekbones. 


Heart face shape, which is sometimes referred to as a triangle face shape, features a wide temple and narrow chin. Heart-shaped faces are either long or rounded and often gives the person a cheerful and sweet look.  They often look great wearing glasses with winged-out frames that are just slightly wider than their temples. D-frame, aviators and cat-eye frames will complement your face.


Oval face shape, perhaps, is the most versatile one because literally, every frame shape looks great on them. This face shape features gently rounded and fairly even angles. You can wear almost any shape of sunglasses, but make sure not to pick a pair that is not wider than your face. 

The Right Glasses for a Combination of Face Shapes

Here is the truth about face shapes: every person is a combination of different face shapes, and that there is no perfect round, square, heart, oblong or oval-shaped face. 

Trying to pick just one shape from the lineup is impossible. The best thing you can do is categorize yourself in a shape that looks very close to yours—even if your forehead is slightly wider than the typical heart-shaped face or your chin is a little rounded than the usual oblong.

Once you have determined your face shape, you can easily find which frame styles will complement your face shape. It would be easier for you to identify the style of Gucci sunglasses to look at when shopping in-store or online. 


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