Styling The Long Coats In Winter – Make The Fashion Statement With These Tips

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The winter is here, and it’s time to get those long coats dry cleaned and ace your fashion sense. Truth be told, styling the long coats can be challenging, but a few tips can help you revamp your style statement. So, if you are a fan of fashion, winter, and long coats, read this article because we have created the perfect styling tips!

The Ground Rules 

Before you pick up the cosmetic boxes to get ready and wear the prettiest long coat, let’s check out some ground rules and recent trends regarding long coat fashion, such as;

  • You can wear the long coat to work because when styled properly, it helps create a professional style statement 
  • The long coats with cape style look elegant and can be donned with cigarette pants 
  • If you have a long sleeveless coat, pair it with long boots and gloves 
  • In addition to a long coat, you can wear a knee-length coat with a skirt as well as trousers 
  • If you are a fan of street fashion, opt for floor-length coats because they aren’t only trendy but look minimalistic as well 
  • You can opt for a long trench coat to make a classic style system (it’s better to have a neutral-coloured coat and pair it with short dressers or peplum blouses 

Let’s Get To Styling 

Now that we have laid the ground rules, we can now officially start styling the long coats and create cute yet aesthetic outfits that winters deserve. So, shall we begin?

Neutrals Are Your Best Friends 

Ranging from fall to winter, neutral-coloured outfits are perfect and look classy. Along with the coat, wrap a long scarf to add alight pop and shade to your look. As for the footwear, pick up those holed boots and slay the look. 

High Heels & T-Shirts 

Yes, we know it will be too cold to wear a t-shirt but hear us out. This is a great option if you have a plum-hued coat because it can be easily paired with a basic t-shirt and straight pants. Also, you can elevate the look with a fedora hat, and the addition of high heels will make you look like a fashionista gal!

Boots & Jeggings 

Who doesn’t love wearing comfortable in winters? And hey, what can be better than jeggings, right? So, if you have some jeggings lying around, pair them with a light brown long coat and black boots. However, make sure that jeggings are above the ankles and will also create a slimming appearance (yup, it elongates your figure). 

Slay Those Shorts 

Sure, we are talking about long coats, but you can slay the shorts on spring days when the wind is too chilly. So, when the air still has the nip, opt for shorts and wear a long coat on top to make a fashion statement and feel comfortable. 

Leather Pants

Nothing could be hotter than leather pants in winters, and they go impeccably with long coats. For this look, we suggest an all-black attire topped with a light brown long coat. In case you are pondering about the shoes, you can opt for rock-style heels which feel edgy and fun. Not to forget, the addition of a neutral hat will improve the look. 

Knee-High Boots 

If you have a date to go to, opt for a soft pink-coloured coat along with knee-high boots. This attire is actually a fine mixture of sweet and sassy, which shows a bit of your edgy style and feminine side. In addition, you can accessorize the look with a sparkly bracelet, pair of sunglasses, and a nude clutch. 

Sneakers & Ripped Jeans

Nothing screams perfect street style than sneakers and ripped jeans paired with a long coat. For this look, just wear a tee with ripped jeans and layer up with a grey coat. Also, if it’s too cold, you can simply wear a beanie since it looks cute. Truth be told, this look is amazing for a coffee date or a lunch date. 

Wear Your Dress

If you want to keep the fashion look chic, classy, and minimal, you can wear your long coat with a dress. Ranging from a corporate meeting to a date and church session, this look will complement all these occasions. Not to forget, it’s the ultimate style for petite ladies and don’t forget that a neutral-coloured coat will look just fine. Lastly, wear heels rather those boots or sneakers. With this look, you can take out your Ruby Woo lipstick from cosmetic packaging and get the perfect pout!

Statement Earrings & Trench Coats 

Trench coats aren’t stiff and sturdy like long woolen coats, but they are still amazing for a winter fashion look. However, trench coats look classy and chic. You can also pair a beige-coloured trench coat with statement earrings and opt for checked pants. As for the shirt, just wear a white top and strike a pose with metallic stiletto heels. 


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