Scaffolding Safety Precaution That You Need To Know


In construction, scaffolding-related incidents have been on the rise ever since. It has constantly become a major concern for most companies. 

Not only do these kinds of injuries account for more than 90 million dollars loss in investments, but it is also primarily considered as one of the top reasons why most workers are hesitant to take new jobs associated with heights. 

Given this issue, scaffolding safety precautions have been instituted to help companies secure a safe working environment. Read along and find out more about this!

Use of proper equipment

The use of proper equipment is seen to complement the use of scaffold during construction significantly. 

Since most workers handle the unexpected workload in terms of the types of things they need to accomplish within a specific time frame, it is essential to give them PPE or personal protective equipment. 

PPE’s come in handy, especially when working in the industrial field where falling debris may happen anytime. 

If you are leading a construction project, it is essential to let your people wear hard hats and instruct them to secure non-slip footwear to help them get through with their tasks without compromising their safety.

Scaffold Material Inspections

Inspecting the construction materials and scaffold structures before you plan out the day’s task can help decrease the propensity for untoward events. 

Make a thorough assessment of the condition of the construction materials before you head out and instruct your workers to start. Check for any damages or defects and see any minor issues with the equipment that may need immediate replacement. 

Site Inspection

Site inspection should be a different course of evaluation since it will most likely involve a comprehensive approach. Compared to inspecting equipment, site inspections may need to involve a team of people. 

Always see to it that the environment you are working on is safe for the people. And that any hazardous element is eliminated before the work has been initiated. Prevention is always better than cure!

Keep Updated

Scaffolding safety precautions may be revised now and then. 

As a business owner, you must keep yourself regularly updated with the trends on work safety. Also, you must familiarise yourself with the laws in your area to avoid any liabilities if an accident happens. 

Weather updates

There are some instances where you cannot fully control other factors which may predispose you to some accidents. The weather, for instance, is subjected to various changes, and it may affect the course of your intended construction plans. 

Always ensure to keep yourself posted with the daily weather forecast to get a good glimpse of the possible construction delays. Never be forced to do heavy-duty construction during harsh weather conditions. 

Be responsible

Climbing responsibly in any scaffolding platform must be emphasised especially considering that the likelihood of accidents can never be fully estimated. Always make sure that you instruct your workers to follow the “three-point contact rule,” which means that they should have at least three points connected to the structure at all times (ex. hands and feet must be at the platform).

Be organised

The first thing that you should always have in mind whenever you want to do a construction project is how you could stay organised throughout. 

Being systematic and organised with your undertakings can help deter any inefficient work processes and significantly impact your people’s safety. Always be mindful never to rush any work to avoid any unnecessary delays and mishaps.


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