Protect Your Family From Coronavirus By Choosing The Best Antiviral Sanitiser

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The use of sanitisers has increased in recent times. Antiviral sanitisers are mostly used in the health care industry, and health workers can apply different kinds of sanitisers to disinfect their operating theatre, ITU, ICU and other intensive care units. During Covid-19, people are now using such antiviral sanitisers as safety gear. To prevent coronavirus, you need to wash your hands with soap and water. Sometimes, especially when you are out of your home, you cannot manage such things to wash your hands frequently. In this case, you can use some alcohol-based antiviral sanitisers.     

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Things to consider while you choose antiviral sanitiser: 

There are various types of local antiviral sanitisers available in the market and it is quite difficult to choose the effective one. You can consider the following things to know about such antiviral sanitisers: 

  • You can wash your hands with soap and water, but you must know that water cannot kill germs and they can remove the germs from your hands. Rubbing your hands with soap and water breaks down the structure of the bacteria and removes the germs from your hands. But antiviral sanitisers can kill the germs including coronavirus. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, hand sanitisers cannot kill some germs like killing Cryptosporidium, norovirus and Clostridium difficile, but they are effective for killing coronavirus. 
  • You cannot use sanitisers to wash your dirty and greasy hands. You must know that santisers are used for getting rid of the germs, they are not used for cleaning dirty and greasy hands, for this, you must use only soap water. So, if your hands are dirty, then you must check your hands with soap and water, and then you can use antiviral sanitisers to disinfect your hands. 
  • You can use antiviral sanitisers as a backup to soap and water. You cannot get a sink and clean towel to wash your hands and you can use such sanitizers to kill the germs. For example, you can find some sanitisers posted outside of the patient’s rooms because using the same tap and sink can spread the germs. So, people can use such dispensers to clean their hands and visitors can carry their own antiviral sanitisers for their safety. 
  • If you are looking for an antiviral sanitiser that can kill the dangerous germs including coronavirus then you must choose an alcohol-based sanitiser. You must choose one which has at least 60% alcohol. You can find some sanitizers available in the market which contains benzalkonium chloride instead of alcohol. It is suggested to avoid such sanitisers because they cannot able to kill the germs like alcohol-based antiviral sanitisers. 

How would you use antiviral sanitisers? 

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You need to apply the antiviral satirisers in a proper way, and you can take recommended amount of sanitiser on your palm and distribute the sanitiser all over. You must rub your fingertips with sanitisers because these are the most affected places where germs are hidden. Also you need to apply the santiser between the fingers and the back of your hand. You must continue rubbing the sanitiser into your hands until your skin is completely dry. 

You can find some antiviral sanitiser spray for hard and nonporous surfaces. You should not use such sanitisers on your skin, and you can use such spray for disinfecting your furniture and parcels. Such sanitisers contain breech and cleaners, which are very harmful for your heart. So, using such sanitisers on skin is unsafe. 

You should not use antiviral sanitisers on your children because they can contain some toxic materials and children can suffer from serious health issue after inhaling such sanitisers. Even if your child ingests hand sanitisers accidentally, then you must call a doctor. 

So now you can search such antiviral sanitisers online, and choose the best one that contain at least 60% alcohol. 

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