Project management: the 10 best open source or free software for SME


Have you ever experienced constraints due to deadlines? On budget? Within the scope of a project?

You might be a project manager and not know it. If your job is to do complex, multi-level tasks with a clear target and deadline, then you are in project management. Add to it all a team of collaborators, stakeholders, PMP certification and gallons of coffee, and you have summed up one of the most common and complicated assignments in the world.

If only there was a solution to make your job easier…  For example, a great tool that would help you manage your processes and that would also be completely free.

Well, it does exist! If you are an SME and are looking for project management tools, you’ve come to the right place: discover our top 10 of the best open source or free project management software.

The best open source or free project management tools

The criteria retained for our selection of software are as follows:

Number of software users

Project management features offered

User reviews

Storage capacity

Ease of use

Relative level of appreciation among other professionals

Discover the 10 applications from our list.

Bitrix24, free project management software

Beatrix 24 project management software absence table

Screenshot of Beatrix 24 absence table

And finally here is number one. Bitrix24 is a completely free project management system for an unlimited number of users. It offers 5GB of storage space per month, with the ability to upgrade and increase storage capacity for $ 39 per month. With its features, Bitrix24 rivals the current big favorite of project management software:  Base camp. The icing on the cake: it is available in American!


Bitrix24 can be used in the cloud or be hosted on the company’s server. The project management features are exceptional: Gantt charts, task progress, time tracking and management, and even employee workload planning.

Bitrix24 makes real-time communication a snap with group chat, video conferencing and instant messaging capabilities. It can also replace Drop Box, because it’s free version offers 5 GB of cloud storage and thus simplifies document sharing.

Some recent updates:

An employee workload planning tool that allows managers to schedule a certain number of hours for a task and then compare it with the number of hours actually worked.

The lesser

Bitrix24 seeks to solve many business problems and the risk is that users quickly find themselves lost between its project management functionality and its CRM (customer relationship management) tools. However, most of the criticisms seem to be aimed more at the CRM part of the software than its commercial management part.

Want to know more?

Despite the many free solutions available, many small and medium-sized businesses have an interest in considering upgrading to paid versions that allow them to increase the number of users, have expanded functions and access customer support. Better quality. Luckily, most of the better-known products are relatively inexpensive. Smart sheet, for example, offers its team solution for $ 15 per user per month, and ProWorkflow charges for its team services at just $ 20 per user per month.

Freed camp

Agile Freed Camp project management tool

Screenshot of PC and mobile dashboards on Freed Camp

Unlimited number of users. Unlimited number of projects. Unlimited storage. Superb presentation. Full of functions. Optimized for communication. Kanab mode or tasks, as desired.

Freed camp is a hair short of number 1!


Freed camp is great for businesses looking to scale their Folio3 cattle record keeping software. They will be able to use the free version for a very long time, and the price of the upgrade remains very affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

The free version is however more than sufficient in many cases.

Administrators can restrict the rights of different users down to customer level. Freed camp also offers time tracking, templates and a billing function.

Its collaboration features are remarkable. The users never find themselves lagging behind because freed camp displays all notifications whenever an update is detected (but they are not annoying, like a notification in Facebook). Freed camp has also optimized its website for mobile use and offers an ions app.

The lesser

According to reviews, browsing the site requires a little learning time. Some features are also lacking in freed camp, including Gantt charts, task links and recurring tasks. 

Orange scrum

Orange scrum tutorial project management application

Screenshot of the Orange scrum tutorial

Orange scrum is the best free, hosted on-premise project management software for IT teams. It provides a good starting point for agile software development and resource management. The on-premise version is completely free, while the cloud version (which admittedly benefits from better support service) starts at $ 9 per month.


Orange scrum is fully customizable. If you have a few technical skills, you can literally tailor it. Kanab view, Gantt charts and task status groups are all options for viewing projects. It is also possible to integrate Google Drive and Drop box in the free on-premise version.

The lesser

Due to the great versatility of Orange rum, it is essential to have a solid knowledge of coding to get the most out of this tool. It is by no means software for beginners. And if you need help, it’s mainly on its forums that you will find it.


Asana dashboard project management software

Dashboard screenshot on Asana

Judging by its large number of customers (140,000) and users (1.4 million), Asana is one of the most popular project management applications. Good news, the software is free for up to 15 users. Plus, critics love it: Asana gets an overall rating of 4.5 / 5 with almost 3,000 reviews on Capture!


Dustin Muscovite, co-founder of Facebook, is also the Graphics Design Hamilton of Asana. True to the aesthetics and simplicity of the most popular of social networks, Asana is an intuitive task management system that is ideal for teams that want to interact in real time.

Available in American, Asana allows users to visualize their goals, track time, prioritize their tasks, and see where the project is at without leaving the software. It also features a calendar feature that allows team tasks to be entered directly on the dashboard.

In addition, Asana has grown in its latest version. It now has an Android application, but also functions such as conversations, dashboards and the ability to convert a task into a project.


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