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Marketing is not just about promoting your products and services to your target audience, but it also involves generating leads, building a relationship with customers and driving conversions. Modern technology has outweighed the traditional marketing methods because it can provide the most accurate information to your users based on their wants and needs. 

As an entrepreneur, you shell out a lot of money on marketing campaigns. However, it is usually the demand for your business. If you do not invest in marketing, your business will fail to generate profits. However, the marketing pays you off when you are marketing the right product to the right user. 

You need to understand personalised marketing to make the most of it. You must know which group of your target audience wants what so you make the most of your marketing campaign. It is quite impossible to know about using traditional marketing methods. You should use marketing software to provide your users with a  consistent experience across all digital platforms. 

When it comes to choosing marketing-automation-software, you need to take into account pricing, usability and integration with your current software. Of course, pricing matters. Some software solutions can be ludicrously expensive. You will have to look over your budget and needs to arrive at a decision. 

Marketing automation is quite complicated. You must know how much value you can extract from the software. It is crucial to figure out whether you can integrate the software with a third-party app or not. Here are the best marketing-automation-software.


It is the best software to start collecting genuine leads in a couple of minutes. The software provides you with everything that you need to convert visitors to leads. To begin capturing every qualified lead, you need to add a contact form and a pop-up. 

As your user submits a form, the software will pull in additional information automatically. For instance, you will get to know what they viewed before they filled out the form. This will help you see what is on their mind, so when you approach them, you will not divert from what led them to fill out the form. 

This is why the chances of conversion are likely to be higher. Built-in analytics will keep you in the loop about pages and offers driving conversion. 


This is a powerful and simplified tool to automate marketing. It is best known for email marketing, creating landing pages, and converting prospects. This software solution can expand your email list. 

It ensures different types of communication methods, so you can easily be in touch with all of your customers. Retarget ads, send emails, and conduct webinars to sell your knowledge. 

You can turn your expertise into a profitable business by creating engaging content for your users. This software application allows you to promote your products directly in your emails and landing pages. 

It comes in four models: basic, plus, professional and max. All of them come with a different pricing model and features. Make sure that you buy the one that meets your needs and comes within your budget.


This tool is an ideal option for those entrepreneurs using Facebook Messenger. It can help you grow your business by combining Facebook Messenger and SMS. Over 1 billion people use Messenger, so it will quickly help you drive sales. Whether you have a small business or large business, ManyChat can help you improve sales and marketing. 

You can build your bot in a couple of minutes to engage with your users. The best part of this software is you can integrate it with any tools like Google Sheets, Shopify, and the like. 


Audience building is a must to grow your business, and the best tool for doing so is ConvertKit. If you have opened a start-up, you should use this software. It is email marketing-software, but it offers more advanced features than an essential email marketing tool. This tool can help you fill the funnel based on subscribers’ action. 

Contrary to other automation tools, ConvertKit will simple to use. By setting up basic rules, you can start a specific campaign. Even if you have zero experience, this tool can help you with marketing-automation. The best part of this software is it has built-in automation, which means you do not have to start from scratch. 


Have all your data and marketing tools in one place with Ontraport. With this software, you can create and launch your marketing campaigns anytime. You can get to know about every click your users make and rest assured your campaign is managed effectively. 

You can create personalised emails for your customers and ensure that they reach at the right time. It also allows you to send text messages to inform them of product offers on their devices. The software can also help you create landing pages describing your products and services in detail to encourage users to try them out. 

Investing in automation tools will help you achieve your marketing goals quickly. All of them function differently, so make sure that you choose that fulfils your needs. If you have opened a start-up or do not have a budget to invest in them, there is nothing wrong to fund them with loans. 

If you have already taken on debt, try to apply for debt consolidation loans with bad credit and no guarantor. Settle all of your current dues first and then apply for a new loan to buy the software. 


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