Making An Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

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Diffusing essential oil is a great way to make your home smell nice, give a boost to your mood, and more. It also offers many other health benefits. Each essential oils have a different multitude of components and blending different essential oil can be beneficial as these different components can balance each other out. Blending essential oil is great as it can also help avoid the negative side effects that the oils usually have. And when you are diffusing these blended essential oils, you need to keep in mind to diffuse it only for 15-30 minutes an interval. Here’s on making different essential oil blends: 

The First Step Is To Group The Essential Oils: Grouping the essential oils is the first step that you should take. To do this, you can categorize the essential oils into groups that share similar components. To sort them, you can categorize them according to their effect, their smell, or their chemical components. When it comes to blending essential oil, you need to be careful about which oils to choose for the combination and the purposes. 

Grouping By The Effect You’re Going For:  Grouping the essential oil based on the effect that they provide can give you a better idea of which oils to use. You can start by creating a list of effects that you want to focus on, it could be energizing, calming, detoxifying, or others. For energizing, essential oils such as Rosemary, Clary Sage, Bergamot, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Spearmint, Tea Tree, Pine, Lemon, Basil, and Ginger works well. The list will be different for calming, detoxifying, and others. Grouping is a great way as blending essential oil that offers the same effect works well.  

Grouping According To Scent: Another effective way to group the essential oil by scent; however, not that this will usually depend on how your nose can read the scent. You can group them according to flowery scent, citrus, spicy, woody, or herbal. You can blend the oils that have a similar smell or you can also mix and match for hits of different smell. This is a great option if you want your house to smell good depending on different seasons. You should note that usually oils that smell similar blend well together. 

Blending Essential Oils at Home: Once you have your grouping system sorted out, you can start blending the oil. You can either blend the oil from the same category or blend it with other oils from different categories. Blending the oils from different categories will allow you to experience the best of all the different categories has to offer and also a combined effect. There may not be any set rules on the right way to blend the essential oils for aromatherapy, but one thing is for sure that diluting with water should not be an option. When blending the essential oils there will be trial and error and you will learn as you go. 

Tips To Blend Essential Oils at Home: If you are going to blend the essential oils for the first time, it can be overwhelming as you would have gathered a lot of information. You need to read up on the blending techniques and the tactics available. You can do research based on the effects that you are going for and then read the ingredient list used to create that certain blend by the professionals. Another tip is to get hold of the essential oils that are safe and go well together. And when you blend the essential oils, starting at a ratio of 1:1 is the safe way to go. 

If you are looking for essential oils to make a diffuser blend, scroll through the essential oils from Young Living and look for the effects that you are going for. And always make sure to get high-quality products. 


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