Make banana pancake at home

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Banana pancake is an easy lunch recipe that everyone can make at home. It is the sweet pancake recipe liked by all. This recipe gives you the soft and light pancake, and it tastes really delicious. You can prepare this for lunch or even pack them in kid’s tiffin box as they taste the same even after cooling. 

You don’t need to work hard to prepare banana pancakes. You will just need some bananas, whole wheat flour, and sugar. You can eat banana pancakes for breakfast or lunch.

You can also use baking soda. But baking soda is an optional ingredient for the banana pancake. As banana pancake is light and soft, baking soda is not a necessary ingredient. And if you areeatinga sugar-free diet or you are a sugar patient, you can skip using sugar in the recipe. Just using a banana and whole wheat flour is enough in preparing banana pancakes. 


  • Three medium-sized ripe bananas
  • Whole wheat flour
  • Butter or oil
  • Sugar powder or coconut powder
  • Fennel seeds
  • Water

 Steps to make banana pancake

You can use medium ripe banana or overripe banana to prepare banana pancakes. Using overripe bananas works very well when preparing banana pancakes.

Steps to prepare the batter for banana pancake

Step1: Peel three medium bananas and put them in the big bowl. Make sure that you take a bowl with a big opening so that you can mash it easily.

Step 2: Roughly slice the bananas, then mash with a masher. If you are using overripe bananas, you can directly mash them. You can also make use of a spoon to mash the banana.

Step 3: Add three tablespoons of sugar powder. You can also use coconut sugar instead of sugar powder. You can decrease or increase the amount of sugar powder depending on the sweetness of the banana.

Step 4: Mix them well. Make sure the banana is mashed properly. If your bananas are not mashed properly, then it won’t cook well. You might have to do all the steps again. So make sure every pieceis mashed properly.

Step 5: Add one cup of whole wheat flour and half teaspoon whole fennel seeds. Mix it very well.

Step 6: Now, you need to add half a cup of water to the mixture and mix it well.  Use water to the mixture, depending on the whole wheat flour.

Step 7:  Keep mixing the mixture well until you get a smooth batter without lumps. The batter should have a medium consistency.

Step to cook banana pancake

Step 8: When your batter is ready, heat a non-stick pan. You can also cook banana pancakes in a regular pan, but with a non-stick pan, it’s easier to prepare.

Step 9:  Add a few drops of oil to the pan. You can also use butter instead of oil. Using butter enhances the taste of banana pancakes.

Step 10: When the oil is hot lower the flame.

Step 11: Take a spoonful of batter and spread gently in the pan. Don’t make a too thin pancake. Make a small round pancake.

Step 12:  Let the pancake cook on a lower flame.

Step 13: After a few seconds, drizzle melted butter on one side of the banana pancake.

Step 14: When the base gets golden, turn the banana pancake.

Step 15: Cook the other side of the banana till it gets golden brown. 

Step 16: If you want a crispy banana pancake cook, then flip the pancake to cook it for another few seconds.

Step 17: Stack the pancake in a warm casserole.

Serve the banana pancake

You can serve this banana pancake plain. If you want to give some interesting touch, then you can drizzle maple syrup or caramel syrup in it. You can also serve it with honey. Pour honey on the lukewarm pancake and not on the hot pancake. Banana pancake is the perfect lunch that keeps your stomach full.

If you are sending banana pancake s as a lunch to your kid, then don’t spray maple syrup or caramel on it. Rather you can put the caramel syrup or maple syrup in the small box so that your kid can dip the banana pancake in the syrup and eat them.


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