Lap of Luxury: 4 Ways to Treat Yourself On Spa Day

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Devoting time to relaxation is a must for a healthy life, but modern schedules give far too few opportunities. When you have the chance to take time off from your obligations and treat yourself, it’s hard to choose what to do.

Some think of going to the spa as a niche activity, but it’s the perfect compromise that makes the most of the rare off day: You’re staying in while you go out and doing something healthy while sitting around!

If you’re on the hunt for ways to spice up your spa day, look no further than this handy list.

1. Choose Your Ideal Blend of Material and Spiritual

Visiting the spa can be a pampering experience, a spiritual cleanse, or a little bit of both. The range of options available varies depending on what spa you go to, with some locations specializing in one or the other.

At some places, however, you can pair cushy slippers and cucumber facials with meditation sessions.

2. Pair Your Spa Day With a Calming Substance

No matter what direction you take your spa day in, there’s a calming substance you can partake in to enhance the experience.

Adults in states with legal cannabis can partake before or after—in appropriate locations and not before driving—or, in certain establishments, during the experience. CBD is legal in the grand majority of the United States and is known for its calming properties, making CBD and spas a popular pairing.

Nicotine users can make a point of finding a vape shop to help them relax during the day. A large percentage of spas serve alcohol as well.

3. Enjoy Couples’ Treatments

Sharing a spa day is an intimate experience when you fill your time with treatments like massages, saunas, and mud baths. Romance and sexuality are in no way inherent to spas, more so considering the wide range of spa experiences available. Still, intimacy is a key reason that spas are popular date destinations.

Couples’ treatments such as side-by-side massages are a relaxing way to bond and enhance spa dates.

4. Treat Yourself to Special Spa Day Foods

As you plan your spa day, consider making food a special focus. Many spas offer menus full of light and relaxing foods.

Some folks find they feel most rejuvenated when they eat very little or fast on a spa day. If that’s you and you don’t associate spa day with eating, consider extending your day of pampering past the parking lot.

Finishing off a day of relaxation with a nice dinner makes the occasion extra-special. If you hit the spa with a friend or partner, you can share your experiences and keep bonding over your meal.

Find New Ways to Relax and Live Well

These tips will help you make the most of your next spa day. After you decide how to treat yourself and set your plans, take some time to find other new ways to relax and live well.

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