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Hats and caps were in use for centuries; these smart accessories hold a significant place in your closet. The crown covers need proper care and maintenance. Understand the handling and storage methods of these beautiful pieces to keep them longer and better looking. 

Style and protection 

From handmade head accessories to specially designed pieces – Hats and caps are always loved by fashionistas. Skull covers are always in style and do more than just covering the head. Your need to protect the bald patch, mask from any hair condition, require sun protection, safeguard from winter blitz – hats for all reasons and seasons are available. 

Stylish head accessories are available for both men and women. You check online or hit the store to find the best varieties of caps. Felt hats, straw hats, the cooper hats, fashionable hats, beanie caps, El Ranchero caps, and Sherpa caps are just a few. You have the most comprehensive collection online. Make a wise choice and give yourself a smart look this season. 

Storage and handling 

Whenever you wear or take off the western felt hats, use four fingers to hold the front and back brim. It will ensure the hat’s shape and keep the crown clean for longer; remember to take proper care of the hats and not soil it quickly. The lighter shades of American hats tend to absorb the dirt and leave grease marks from human skin.

Placement of mens hats are vital to make sure the design and shape of the hat stand out. Always place the hat upside down on the crown. The brim retains its silhouette, and the crown will not get squished.

When you are traveling with a hat in your luggage, buy a suitable head accessory carrier. The beauty of any head cover lies in its shape and design. Investing in an adjustable hat carrier will solve the proper handling and storage of your head accessory.

Cleaning and maintenance 

It is vividly vital to maintaining a cleaning regime for all your accessories. From hats, cufflinks, shoes, and tiepins, all require regular cleaning for longevity. The hats tend to get dirtiest as they sit on the head and touch with soiled and greasy hands several times. 

Every time you buy any headcover, ask for the correct maintenance and cleaning products. The American hat company offers cleaning tools and liquids with all the products. You can use a simple brush to dust off the hats. There are tiny pieces of sponges also available or whisk broom to make your hats speck-free. 

When trying on any head cover during rain, take extra care. The acid rains will make the crown accessory stained for life. Get an added rain cover from the hat makers to keep it safe. Similarly, soda or beer marks can leave dirty stains over the hat. You must instantly wash the cap under cool water and let it dry. The stain will repel immediately, and the hat shall regain its original beauty.

Regular air dry is the best for retaining the crispness of caps. But if you delay and the stain dries up, then it would require professional help for cleaning. Never use a hot blow dryer or any other artificial hot air machine for quicker drying of hats. Give a regular brush, use the liquid or spray products to ensure the long life of any hats. Get professional help immediately on major damages and maintenance care. 

Hat fit and comfort

Coming to the most critical part of any head cover – the fit. You must always go for a comfortable fit. The key to any perfect head accessory is a slightly snug fit. Never opt for very loose or tight-fitting headcovers. Professional hatters craft specially adjusted headcovers for a comfy feel. Whether it is a felt hat or straw hat for summer, all are in a 6-inch crown and 4.25-inch brim. You can ask for fit-to-all one-size hats or else select from the large skull-shaped headcovers.

Getting the precise measurement of your skull will help in shopping for the right fit. Use a measuring tape and encircle it around the widest part of your head. If the circumference measures less than 7-inches, get any standard-sized hat. However, any measurement over 7-inches will call for bespoke sizes. The brim of the hats is not standard you have the liberty of getting large and floppier skull covers. 

Wide head accessories are ideal for a large-sized skull. Get big head hats that give extendable bands at the back to leave extra room for hair and avoid sweat. There are many different shades and colors available online. You match your outfit with them for a seamless fit and stylish look. White, steel, silver sand, pecan, natural, midnight blue, chocolate, charcoal grizzly, bone, buckskin are few to mention.


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