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Any product or service requires marketing to reach its target audience. Marketing strategies, both online and offline, try to understand their target demographic persona and tailor strategies to appeal to that demographic. While marketing and advertising campaigns are vital, their subject and object of campaigning are just as significant. The product or service package must also be appealing by itself. This is the juncture where packaging design comes into focus. Whether the company intends to or not, people will derive specific meanings and associations with the product’s packaging. Companies can predict these derivations by researching their target audience in-depth. Every part of the demographic will have some shared experiences. For example, people aged 18 to 25 usually have a few similar expectations and reactions to the world. Companies have to anticipate their target audience’s expectations from their product and convey them through the packaging. Here are a few practices that can help,


People experience colour differently; for example, red may signify both danger and passion. But the singularity is that red portrays extremism. Companies have to thoroughly analyse the features of their product and their expectations from it. This analysis will help in making vital package design decisions. Depending on the look of the product or package, suitable marketing strategies are derived, or vice-versa. The package’s colour symbolises various things, but companies have to decide beforehand what colour they want on their product and why.


Rarely do products come in a unicolour, plain package. The average cereal box also contains several colours, images, words, and designs. Each element of the packaging tries to convey something. After deciding on the base colour and its symbolic meaning, designers add a layer of graphics to relay the intended message better. The images, words, fonts, designs, etc., all aim to convey the same message. The company must choose the most suitable characters, fonts (for the product name), and other graphics while ensuring their colours meld with the base colour. The placement and colour composition should be harmonious and in line with the product and brand message. 


The verbal content on the packaging design is just as significant as the image content. This content includes the product name, brand name and tagline. The verbal content relays the brand’s unique style and beliefs; it is a proclamation of the brand’s personality. The verbal content’s font and style of execution also convey numerous things about the brand. The language or lingo they use, their choice of words and juxtaposition of phrases, several factors of the verbal content come into play as consumer’s read through. The verbal content should proclaim or announce the brand’s intentions and values to the customer.


People love brief messages, which is why brand logos are a necessity for all consumer products. Brand logos are one of the first things consumers notice. All consumers love innovative logos and taglines. Additionally, while product packaging may change, logos are usually more permanent. Companies and brands must be extremely cautious while designing their logo; their logo is their essence.


All consumer products must achieve a certain standard of quality before they go on the market. Proclaiming these symbols, like the ISO 9001 certificate, announces the quality standards the brand upholds. Additionally, using the green, yellow or red dots in squares for food products helps identify their ingredients. These symbols are also a vital addition to the packaging design. They allow consumers to understand the product and brand better.


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