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Companies that recognize the need to practice social responsibility have been on many a modern consumers’ minds for a long time. 

With environmental concerns ever-growing, trustworthy brands all over the globe are looking for new ways to implement sustainable products, promote workforce equality and use green energy to form the inner machinations of their business models. 

If you possess a flair for everything entrepreneurial, or you would like to start a business that makes a real, positive difference to society, it is important to bear a host of details in mind. 

To create a business that genuinely strives to help others and do its part for a global humanity takes vision, dedication, passion, and perseverance. 

There are many different avenues worth exploring, such as the non-profit route or the cooperative, or perhaps you want to increase the level of social responsibility evoked by your current business. 

If this position sounds like a familiar one to you, here are some useful tips you may wish to bear in mind when starting along your new path. 

Company Values

Your mission statement and your company values play an important role in many capacities, so it is certainly worth spending some time on thinking about what kind of face you want to present to the world via the core principles of your business. 

This can be useful when marketing the business, as a clear outline of a company’s values is often a major selling point and well-worth advertising. If potential customers, partners, or investors adhere to the values your business represents, you can start to form a loyal customer base while simultaneously promoting the importance of a socially responsible enterprise. 

In order to start incorporating this message into your business, you may wish to consider writing whitepapers for websites that outline case studies. Another great way to market your values is to start a regular blog alongside your website representing high-quality, relevant content that is up-to-date and reports on current societal issues. 

Furthermore, carefully detailing your mission statement can help you dramatically in the recruitment phase, as candidates will know what to expect, and you may be able to source a higher quality workforce who relate to your values and want their job to reflect their own personal principles. 

Using Sustainable Materials

Manufacturing certain products can be exceptionally harmful to the natural environment by factors such as wastage, the process itself, and the non-biodegradable nature of particular materials such as many forms of plastic and aerosols

Sourcing sustainable materials for use in manufacturing is a great way to show potential customers that you are aware of these negative factors and are striving to make a positive change. 

This can be a major selling point for many businesses, based entirely on their ability to work with eco-friendly alternatives. In making sure your products are environmentally sustainable, you might be able to gain the edge over your rivals, as consumers might be more willing to turn to companies they know utilize green alternatives, even if it could mean having to pay a little extra.

This is an important factor in outsourcing your products, materials, and services, as searching for reliable, environmentally suppliers are a must when you are attempting to promote your brand as a socially responsible one. 

Taking an in-depth look at how your suppliers source their goods is also a beneficial endeavor. For example, it might be worth asking which processes they use, what conditions the workforce is operating in, and from which country the means of production originate. The latter is because the varying degrees of stringency regarding environmental laws around the world may inform your ultimate decision. 

Which Industry Should You Turn To?

This one is entirely up to you, but to make your presence known as a genuine one, it might be worth thinking about current societal issues that you are personally invested in. 

You might wish to consider an avenue of business that directly helps society daily, such as healthcare or social work. 

For example, if you wanted to open a facility that cares for the elderly, you might wish to consider opening an RCFE in California. The availability of care for the elderly community is a growing concern in modern society and a factor that should not be overlooked. 

Utilizing your entrepreneurial skills to help others can provide you with a wondrous combination of financial rewards while helping make the world a brighter place to be for people from all walks of life. 


Location is an immensely important factor to consider when thinking about running a socially responsible business. This is due to a multitude of reasons such as wealth disparity, the opportunity to offer help to an underrepresented community, the ability to create jobs for those who need to find work, and the chance to strengthen struggling local economies. 

Moreover, many states offer unique funding opportunities, tax breaks, and support based on the type of industry you will be working in, so it is worth checking out areas that will most benefit from your new business. 


Building a healthy network of like-minded individuals, businesses and charities can be a superb way of garnering trust and support throughout the course of your new endeavor. 

It can be important to reach out to organizations that can offer you their stamps of approval in the form of watermarks or certifications, as this can work wonders in your effort to market your socially conscious business. 

It might be worth thinking about what type of organizations you want to be doing business with; for example, do they share your values and practice safe and environmentally friendly working conditions?

Making Donations

You may have seen the coffee cup manifestos of many businesses, making the pledge to plant trees for a certain amount of product sold. This can be a superb way of proving to your customers that you stand for a cause that helps others. 

Donating to a cause pertinent to your line of work can be ideal to boost visibility, prove your passion for the industry, and start making a positive difference to the world, all at the same time.

This can also be great in terms of extending your reach and company expansion. If customers are aware that your business supports causes that resonate with their own outlook, they might be more willing to seek out your products or services for that very reason. 

The same can be said for attracting business partners, investors, and organizations willing to financially back a worthy cause. 

Promote the Value of Volunteering Among Your Workforce

By encouraging your employees to spend some of their working days volunteering on local communities, you can start to develop a sense of social responsibility across your entire workforce. 

Ensuring your staff is on the same page as the company’s core values can be essential in carrying your message throughout every avenue that your business will explore. 

Another way to promote this is by regular staff training on social issues, trends, and concerns facing the world currently. The social landscape is consistently changing, making regular training and conferences exceptionally important for those looking to remain flexible and relevant. 

Green Energy

A vast number of large businesses have realized the need to incorporate green energy into their practices due to environmental concerns and social liability.  

You might wish to consider turning to alternatives such as solar power or hydro-energy to power your operations. 

As long as you can stay true to your values, you most likely will not have to worry about compromising your business’s integrity as a socially responsible enterprise. 


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