How To Mix and Combine Wallpaper Patterns for a Creative Look in Your Home

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Wallpaper has come back in a big way. Whether you’re looking to update your existing wallpaper design or considering this material for the first time, find out how you can mix and combine patterns for a creative look. Shop for floral wallpaper, jewel tones and popular patterns that give your home the look you deserve.

Choose a Bold Design and Complementary Color

A common way to use two or more wallpaper patterns in your home is to choose a single, bold wallpaper style and use complementary colors for the remaining designs. This gives your home a focal point and a creative scheme without making your walls too busy.

A similar design option is to use different colors of the same design. A floral design in white, yellow and orange backgrounds can be used to create distinct rooms that are still connected with a single style. This uses the texture or pattern of the wallpaper itself as the unifying theme, but you can mix and match the colors. Use this style to bring rooms, walls or even a single together into a unified look with two or more wallpaper colors.

Create an Accent Wall

Some wallpaper is just too bold to paper all your walls. If you’ve fallen in love with a pattern that’s impractical to cover your entire home, use it as an accent wall. Choose a dark pink wallpaper for your base and choose one wall in each room, or one wall in your living room, to create a pop of color and texture. Accent walls are a popular way to balance minimalist designs and a more comfortable, personal style.

Your accent wall doesn’t have to be completely covered with your chosen wallpaper. Add stripes, blocks or a few framed wallpaper elements to transform a beautiful wallpaper into a work of art. There is a remarkable amount of ways you can create a single, unified wall with two styles of wallpaper or a background color and a bold pattern.

Consider an Opposite Wall Look

Paper opposite walls with the same wallpaper for another balanced, yet visually interesting, look. Take two patterns that match but highlight different colors or textures in your interior design. Choose two opposite walls for a single pattern, then use the second pattern for the other two opposite walls.

Use this same system for a spacious room with more than four walls. More than two patterns of wallpaper may become overwhelming, but you can easily alter patterns to be sure no two adjacent walls share the same look. Anywhere you look you’ll see your two contrasting or complementing wallpaper designs.

Refresh Your Home With Affordable, Modern Wallpaper

These suggestions are only the start of the many ways you can use modern wallpaper to refresh your home. Shop for wallpaper and wall art decor today to be inspired and consider new ways you can update your interior design and add creativity to your home. Don’t let uninspired walls curb your creativity or put a damper on your design, but update your home with a personal touch at an affordable cost.


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