How To Make Your Living Space More Cozy

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What is most important to you, a house that looks magazine ready at any moment, or a home that is warm and inviting? If it is coziness you are after, the good news is that you do not have to sacrifice style when you create a living space full of comfy, relaxing touches. These suggestions for making any room in your home feel cozier are sure to inspire you to slow down and appreciate the moment.

Blend Old With New

Whether your living space is decidedly modern or has a retro feel, you can add accents from a different time to balance the theme and make it less composed. For example, if you live in a 100-year-old bungalow, incorporate contemporary or, at the least, mid-century modern pieces to balance those vintage fixtures. Likewise, a few favorite pieces of antique furniture can heat up a cold, modern, minimalist home. By blending different eras together, you can create your own style or flirt with eclecticism without the serious aesthetic of a museum.

Layers Textures and Tones

There is a big difference between having a stark, monotone look and using a variety of neutral paint colors for living room or bedroom. By working within a range of shades, even soft creams, tans, and whites, you can add dimension that feels like a big hug. The same can be said of textures, such as faux animal fur, fleece, and velvet to add a sensory element to your décor. Expand your ambience by including soft lighting or home scents that energize or calm you. The result is a soothing space that invites you to settle down and stay a while.

Change With the Seasons

Most homeowners decorate for certain holidays, but what if, instead, they made adjustments based on seasons? For instance, using house plants to bring the inside out during colder or rainier months, or adding flowers in vases throughout the home in spring and summer brightens the room and your spirits. Consider changing out throws, pillows, and even bedding to reflect the seasons and add a pop of color to an otherwise muted space; this approach is especially comforting as part of your bedroom or a kids bedroom design.

 Invite Conversation

Look at your current living spaces; are they always picture perfect, from the arrangement of the furniture to the gallery wall collection of art? Update your walls with oversized photographs or abstract art to create a focal point. Rearrange your seating to create more intimate spaces for you and your family or guests. In addition, do not shy away from displaying family photos. Even top Manhattan Beach interior design firms understand the importance of making a house feel like home. The trick, of course, is how to balance that elegance with everyday living.

Be brave and experiment with furnishings, colors, or even wallpaper for simple updates that ramp up your cozy factor. The best part of interior design is that you do not have to be married to it; what works for you one year can be easily changed to fit your needs and frame of mind the next. Experiment with style to make it personal and you may just find that your home can reflect who you are in a way you did not expect.


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