How to Look After Yourself with a Busy Job

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    Taking care of your health and wellbeing can feel like a lot of effort when you’re working a busy job. However, looking after yourself well is likely to make you feel more energetic and productive, and will boost your overall health. If you’re struggling to find time for self-care, here are some of the ways you can look after yourself while holding down a career. 

    Prioritise Sleep

    Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It can take some time to figure out exactly how much sleep your body needs in order to perform at its optimum levels. Try to get a similar amount of sleep every night, rather than sleeping less during the week and then ‘catching up’ at the weekend. 

    Invest in Good Foods

    Busy jobs can lead to regular snacking, late night meals, and picking up fast food on the go. While this can be necessary sometimes, it’s important to include nutritious whole foods in your diet too. You should aim for the majority of your diet – around 80% – to be whole foods. 

    Supplement with Vitamins 

    When you’re busy and struggling to find time to give your body nutritious foods, it can lead to deficiencies. Supplements are meant to do exactly what the name says: ‘supplement’ your diet with the nutrients you are lacking.

    You should first find out whether you have any deficiencies or if there are any supplements in particular which would be helpful for your health. Discuss this with your doctor or consult with a nutritionist beforehand. 

    Take the supplements you need as often as recommended but ensure you put the primary emphasis on eating nutritious, whole foods and having a balanced lifestyle overall. You can buy supplements online from suppliers such as

    Don’t Hold onto Your Frustrations

    Stressful jobs can create a lot of stresses and frustrations. Over time this can build up and cause you to feel overwhelmed with stress, leading to burnout, chronic fatigue, and long-term health problems.

    Finding ways to release your frustrations is an important part of looking after your health and wellbeing. Talk to a therapist, call a friend, write down your thoughts, or cry yourself to sleep if you feel like it helps. 

    Move Your Body

    There are often ways to incorporate more movement into your daily routine. Park your car further away, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Arrange to have meetings standing up or going for a walk outdoors in the nearby area. Go to a yoga session during your lunch break, or block out time in your diary for a gym session after work. 

    Looking after yourself while holding down a busy job can be a challenge, but there are ways to build helpful activities and habits into your daily routine. Make your wellbeing your top priority, and you could find that it has a positive impact on all aspects of your work and personal life. 


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