HOLIDAY BAKE: 5 Inventive Christmas Sweets that Will Make Kids Giggle and Yay!

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The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching. It is when the sweetest memories and most unforgettable occasions happen. The cherries on top are the lovely presents that delight the heart of those who receive and of those who give.  

Among all the people who are excited and grinning about the sound of the Christmas season, the kids are the most enthusiastic ones! It’s a joy to unwrap Holiday presents, to enjoy delicious feasts, to play fun games and of course, to obtain Christmas money gifts! All these and more are some of the highlights of the Yuletide season that make kids wait for it with a hopeful smile and cheer! 

Every Christmas celebration is as special and exceptional as the years of old. The annual tradition of spending it with family, friends and loved ones never gets out of style. Indeed, each chapter is unique and merry. Giving gifts is part of this world’s bash, and it’s always something all look forward to.

Do you already have an idea of what gifts to give out to your precious little nieces and nephews? How about for your godchildren? Maybe you have your own children now or even grandchildren who radiate bliss in the family! 

Whoever these dear kids are in your life, you can paint a smile on their faces by giving them Christmas treats to munch on! Aside from toys and money, youngsters also love superb and sugary delicacies that tickle their taste buds and make them giggle! You can buy for them or bake them as you please. Here is a list of 5 inventive Christmas sweets that will make kids giggle and yay!  


It would be weird to know someone who doesn’t eat cookies, right? Really, cookies choose nobody. All people of all ages, races, sexes, beliefs and statuses — whoever you are, there’s a cookie in store for you! Everyone admires cookies, and you don’t even have to consider them your favorites just to be able to eat one! Cookies are among the most popular and most liked baked goodies all over the world. 

To level up your Christmas cookie presents for the kids who love them, go for cut-out sugar cookies! These are not the typical round choco chip cookies you always see in malls. Sugar cookies are distinct in style and taste. If you are thinking of what design to grace sugar cookies, snowflakes are unmatched! Yes, give those littlies these gorgeous snowflake sugar cookies!

Snowflakes is one of the representative decorations of Christmas. Though in tropical countries, it’s not snowing on Christmas, it’s very cold. Being white, snowflakes are also tagged as a symbol of purity; that’s a perfect symbolic Yule gift which can signify kids’ innocence and naivety. 

Most cookies are baked using all-purpose flour or pastry flour. Know that using cake flour will give you crumbly and delicate cookies. Meanwhile, bread flour will make your cookies very chewy due to gluten content.

What’s really nice about making snowflake sugar cookies is the vast range of designing options. Because each snowflake is uniquely tailored by the Almighty Creator, not even one is the same as another. Similarly, as a baker, you can design and also color snowflake cookies as you desire! It’s a fun and pleasant activity that will produce awesomesauce chows!    


Make Frosty the Snowman come to life with pops so yummy and rich in every bite! Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, matcha — whatever the flavor is, you can bake them under a snowman’s smile! 

Taking their image from lollipops, cake pops have been one of many parties’ eye-catching desserts! They are small, handy and usually many, so who wouldn’t turn their heads when they see these snowman cake pops?! Youngsters will absolutely wow at the sight of these creative chucks, especially because they’re customized snowman grubs just for them. 

In creating these cool presents, you have the freedom to just include the head of the snowman, basing it from the typical lollipops, or to form the whole body with two to three layers of rounded snow. Moreover, you may use the melted snowman version which is very artistic. It’s practical because if you get your finished products a little messy and wrong, you can just say that the snowman is intentionally melted. *wink* 


Round and round these Christmas balls go! The most well-known Christmas tree ornaments, which are not only for trees, can be on your dessert plates too! Wait for the kids to widen their eyes while saying, “You… you… eat Christmas balls?!” 

Well, of course, you will not feed the tiny tots with inedible Holiday balls, but you can bake them delectable Christmas ball cupcakes! Doing this is really pleasurable and amusing not just for those who eat but also for those who bake. The finished baked goods are so amazing that toddlers would hesitate to nibble at them! Nonetheless, they can consume them in one go!

All-purpose flour and cake flour can be used to make these choice cupcakes. You have the option to have regular flat-top cupcakes coated with rolled fondant and capped with safe-to-eat pearls, sprinkles and dusts to complete the Christmas feel. The designs make them stand out! On the other hand, you can use a mini-ball pan to form half balls that will give your cupcakes their dome shape. A bit of buttercream is needed to fasten the half sphere to the tops of the cupcakes. Both strategies will do your Christmas ball cupcakes delightful justice! 


Ready Set Eat

Kids better watch out because something sweet is coming to their tummies! Santa hat pudding cups don’t make it too obvious that they are Christmas scoffs, but sharp-eyed babies get the hint! 

Chocolate and vanilla are layered on top of each other. Cookie crumbs cover the topmost surface they form. A whole cookie is above them. Lastly, a strawberry with icing or whipped cream edges concludes Santa’s red hat for a Holiday bonbon!

These desserts are easy and neat to eat while in safe cups that keep them in place!


Pinterest – Rosanna Pansino

Chocolate and Rudolph together in one chumble? Sounds fantastic! 

One of the most distinguished Christmas characters is Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. He is Santa Claus’ dedicated ninth reindeer who was treated as an outcast for his shiny odd nose. This fictional story centered on Rudolph is known and appreciated by kids as it’s part of many people’s growing-up Christmas faves. It teaches about everyone’s beautiful uniqueness which must be appreciated by others but most especially by oneself. 

You can incorporate Rudolph’s cherished story in those kiddie brownies! It’s an exhilarating baking session because it’s time for some real creativity in the kitchen! For the eyes, mouth and Rudolph’s legendary red nose, you may use fondants, mallows, cookie bits, various sprinkles and many more as you deem fit. Pretzels or cookie sticks can make for the reindeer ears!

As you usually notice, brownies can be quite messy when you eat them. For kids to avoid that mess, know the right flour to use because flour keeps the ingredients well together. A cake-like quality comes from self-rising flour. Bread flour boosts protein, resulting in dry dough, needing you to add water; it makes chewy brownies. Take note of the gluten content of the flour you will utilize as it will highly have an impact on the brownies’ texture! 



Make your beloved teenyboppers enjoy the Holiday seasons even more with these lovely and tasty grubs coming from the nicest stores or fresh from your own oven! There’s none that compares to the smiles of little kids as they receive delish presents from people who care. 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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