Are You Getting the Most Out of Your hippie boho wedding rings?


I have a confession to make about my rings. I’m a wedding ring snob. I’m so obsessed with their cuteness and how they make me feel, but I’m also a huge fan of their affordability and being able to add whatever I want to the rings. Now, I have a lot of wedding rings, but the one I’m wearing is a “ring bearer” ring.

I’m a big fan of a ring bearer ring: a ring that says it was made for the bearer, that says that the ring bearer has an unlimited supply of rings. I have one that says, “I wear this ring so I can sleep.” If I ever wanted to sleep, I’d wear this ring.

Well, if I wanted to sleep, I could put in my ear, but I never have. The only other time I sleep with a ring is when my sister and I sleep in a sleeping bag, but that’s for a purpose. Im a big fan of a ring bearer ring because Ive learned that Im not supposed to have a ring bearer ring. Ive learned that Im supposed to wear my rings when Im in a safe environment.

Well, no matter how many times the law says “No”, it doesn’t mean “Never”. Even in the case of a ring bearer like a ring, you can always have it removed. And not just the rings, but also the cuff links, the eyeglasses, the jewelry, the bracelet, the watch, etc. All of these things are completely legal, and even if they are, they can be removed if the wearer wants to.

Im not totally sure how to put this into words. Im sure im going to get sued when Im done so i dont think ill put it this long. Im sure it will all be a big deal.

People have different opinions of what constitutes a “legal” accessory and what does not. The “hippie boho wedding rings” that many people are trying to get rid of are certainly not legal, but they are not totally illegal either. We are in the business of helping people get rid of legal items, and if it is a pair of sunglasses that has a picture of a cow on it, then they can be removed. However, you should never remove jewelry.


The question is, are you still legally allowed to remove jewelry? It isn’t clear. As a rule, it is illegal to remove or alter any real or personal property, but you can get a temporary (and temporary was not a word in this sentence) exemption if you can show that the item is “merely an ornament, worn as a decoration, or for the mere purpose of ornamentation, as by a string, rosary, badge, or the like.

Most states have statutes, or codes, that protect you from the actions of shoplifters and imposters. In some states, removal of jewelry is still illegal, but most of the laws are quite lax. It is illegal, in most states, to use the words “bizarre,” “immoral,” and “offensive” in a public place, but you may not be arrested for it.

Some states have laws that even make it a crime to take jewelry from someone’s home. This is generally a result of a perception that jewelry is a “badge of honor” or a “sign of wealth” and that it is only appropriate to do so at the home of a family member. You should also be aware that a lot of people buy jewelry for the same reason that they buy a house.


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