Help, I Caught My Wife Cheating! What Now?

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For better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish…

You and your wife may have taken these vows or similar ones on your wedding day. Or maybe you gave it a personal touch and made your own vows. Either way, you found the person you love most in the world and made a promise to remain faithful to each other forever. 

And now you have to cope with the thought “I caught my wife cheating” and all the decision-making and heart-healing that comes with it. 

You should know that you’re not alone in this struggle. 13% of women have cheated during a marriage in the US. Plenty of men have learned how to handle what comes next, and you can too.

Keep reading for tips on how to discover and move on from a cheating wife.

Make Sure She’s Cheating

If you’re up all night wondering “Is she cheating?” but aren’t completely sure, you need some confirmation before you do anything else. You need to know the signs your wife is cheating.

In these situations, you’re often right to go with what your gut tells her, but in order to confront her, you need some evidence to back up your accusations. This helpful article on how to tell if she is cheating can help bring some clarity to your suspicions. 

Discuss With Her

Once you’ve confirmed that your wife is having an affair, bring the issue up with her in a calm, collected manner. Know and understand the feelings you have about the affair and express them to her as maturely as possible. 

Don’t allow her to put the blame on you, but do ask questions in order to fully understand what is happening in your marriage.

Seek a Counselor

Whether you choose to try to make the relationship work with couple’s counseling or you go your separate ways, it’s important to have a support system during this time. 

Go to therapy alone or with your wife to have a safe space where you can express your feelings and get advice on how to move forward with your life. 

Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

Chances are that since finding out about your wife’s infidelity, things have been tense at home. Children are sensitive to changes in their parents’ relationship and may need extra support during this time. You don’t want them to think that the negative emotions your feeling towards your wife right now extend to them.

Find some activities that you can do alone with your kids so that they know that you still love them and value your relationship with them. 

Consult With a Legal Advisor

If you’ve decided that the relationship is unmendable and you’re looking toward divorce, consult with a lawyer right away. Make sure that your side of the story is heard from the beginning and presented correctly to the judge for the fairest possible outcome.

I Caught My Wife Cheating Without Panicking

Now that you know what to do calmly tell yourself, “I may have caught my wife cheating, but this is not the end of the world.” You can recover your dignity, your trust in people, and sometimes even your love by handling the situation calmly.

For more emotional and mental health tips, try another article from our Health category.


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