Halloween Special Screenplay Recommendations To Watch At Home


Kids; Take A Break From Trick-or-Treating!

Many of us hesitate to attend parties and dream to stay in our own formed shell for the rest of our lives, making us socially distant. While some adults are like this, many kids have the same ‘social anxiety.’ But this shouldn’t make you miss all the fun. The holidays are meant to spend time with our closed ones at home. So kids, gear up in your favorite Galaxy Jacket this Halloween, stream a movie or TV show from our recommendations, and keep your favorite people close to you always!

Alvin and The Chipmunks:

Three singing chipmunks, which are everybody’s favorite for years, are here to make your Halloween day special too. The popular TV series ‘ALVINNN!!! And The Chipmunks’ released many episodes during Halloween in the ’80s and kept all of the kids engaged. The series’s spookiest episode was ‘Who Ghost There,’ S01 Ep46, where the chipmunks got stuck at home with no electricity. They started to believe that the house is somehow haunted when Simon found a ghost named Dave, their human father. In the episode’s end, they found the ‘ghost,’ Dave, munching on crackers in the kitchen, which ended their ghost hunt thrills.

Another scary episode was Babysitter Fright Night, S06 Ep14, when Dave hired a babysitter for the naughty Chipmunks. When Dave left home, they found out that the cute babysitter was an evil, intolerant woman who also made them clear up the mess and gulp vegetables. Other episodes include My Pharaoh Lady S05 Ep04, Nightmare on Seville Street S07 Ep04, Simon Says S04 Ep08, Once Upon a Crime S06 Ep16, and many more. Let the cute creatures take you through a roller coaster ride with your family this year!

Casper’s Halloween Special: 

The adorable ghost that we all love since our childhoods, Casper, is an ideal TV show to enjoy on Halloween. The thrills and horror that Casper takes us through keep us engaged throughout the episode. In this special episode, Casper went out for trick-or-treating as a human by refusing to join the other ghosts. When other kids saw him, they managed to know his real identity and ran away from him, leaving Casper sad. Watch the whole episode by yourself to find out how he found new friends and stopped the spooky gang to save the day.

 Bugs Bunny’s Howl-oween Special:

The genius character form ‘Looney Tunes,’ Bugs Bunny, decided to go out for trick-or-treating as a witch in this special episode. The horror begins when he saw a haunted house of Witch Hazel. Daffy and Speedy Gonzalez also joined him in the house. In the end, Hazel tried her best to allure Bugs by inviting her to the haunted house but failed when Bugs turned her into a rabbit. Watch the episode by yourself to experience the thrills for real. You can even watch The Bugs Bunny Mystery Special Episode and Bugs Bunny’s Creature Features to make your night memorable.

Adults; Don’t Get Bored At Home!

Introvert adults, you are also covered by the entertainment industry. Stay on your couches and enjoy these Halloween special movies and TV series with your special someone. Great fun, no extra human interaction!


The eleven movies, novels, videogame, and comic books launched by the American franchise, ‘Halloween,’ are the perfect fun-packed package for Halloween days. This brand’s main focus is a fictional character, Michael Myers, whose one sight would haunt you for years. He was charged as a murderer of his sister when he was a child. About fifteen years later, he came back to action and started murdering the people of Illinois. He carries a knife with him and wears a scary mask. You are advised to watch out for him when you go to bed at night!

The Blair Witch Project:

The 1999’s most famous horror movie that kept everyone awake at night was ‘The Blair Witch Project.’ The film revolves around a group of three students who decided to go through the backwoods of Maryland to uncover the real story behind the famous Blair Witch incidents. They tried to record a documentary about Blair Witch, who was the local hero. In the journey, they somehow lost the map, and that’s where when the real horror starts. Things started to go the opposite of what they expected, making this movie an ideal one to stream on Halloween nights.

The Exorcist:

This movie is said to be the best horror movie horror released in 1973. The story revolves around two main characters, a mother and her daughter aged 12 and a priest and his mother. The real screams come out when the mother, who is also an actress, starts to notice unbelievable changes in her daughter physically and mentally. In the meantime, the priest also begins to doubt his faith when his mother got sick. Choose it at your own risk!

So, all the Home-Squad, gather at a single roof and enjoy each other’s company this Halloween. Come out of the little-created world of yours for a day and dress up in your favorite costumes. Take out the Captain Marvel Leather Jacket, carve a pumpkin, and relish the best day of your life at home!


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