Give Your Salon a Boost: Start Offering Natural-Looking Eyelash Extensions

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Did you know that your eyelashes grow according to a predetermined cycle? According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, lashes grow in and fall out every 6 to 10 weeks. While this is considered the “average” cycle, some people may experience different growth or hair loss.

For those who lose more lashes than desirable, natural-looking eyelash extensions can be a lifesaver. Aesthetically, lash extensions can give your salon customers the full eye and “wow” effect they are after. But incorporating lash services into your salon menu can help grow profits and increase customer satisfaction.

Sounds appealing, right? However, what do you do if you lack the lash know-how?

What should you know about lash extensions? And, how can you communicate those benefits to your customers? Read on to learn the key information you need to give your salon the ultimate lash boost. 

What to Know About Eyelash Extensions 

When you think of eyelash extensions, consider two important elements. First, there is the physical eyelash extension. These can be individual lashes or pieces.

Or, the extensions can be a full lash set that mimics the natural eye-arch. Eyelash extensions vary in material, price, and durability. 


Eyelash extensions can be synthetic or natural. But the most luxurious and natural eyelashes use materials like human hair, horsehair, or mink hair to create a brilliant and soft appearance. Synthetic eyelashes typically use harder and more durable acrylic materials. 

Some customers may have sensitivity to synthetic fibers or adhesive materials. It is always best to check beforehand to avoid serious allergic reactions

Whether eyelash extensions are made with natural or synthetic materials, you will need to adhere them to your customer’s eyelids. This can be done with eyelash glue or prefabricated adhesive strips. When applying eyelashes and using these adhesive materials, it is important to consult your customers through the entire application process.


Eyelash extensions should last as long as the eyelash growth cycle. That means every 6 to 10 weeks, depending on the individual customer. Near the end of the growth cycle, customers may experience loss of lashes.

As lashes fall out, they can return to your salon for “fill-ins” if they had natural individual lashes placed. Or, if they opted for one-strip lashes, they may need full replacements if the extensions look worn or sparse. 

To keep lashes looking fresh and increase longevity, customers should avoid excessive eye-rubbing, pulling, or touching. Additionally, it is important to keep the eye area moisturized and makeup-free for periods of the day. For example, at night, remove all eye makeup and apply moisturizer. 

Eyelash Extensions Cost 

You may have heard that eyelash extensions cost a lot. Or you may have heard that natural-looking extensions are much more expensive than synthetic ones. The truth is that the final customer cost depends on your supply, staff, and other salon overhead.

Charge your customer’s end price based on all of the other expenses or factors. That includes materials and labor. But to provide a general idea, lashes extensions can cost the customer anywhere from $50.00 to $600.00 at the salon.

And fill-ins can cost anywhere from $25.00 to $200.00 per visit. What explains this large price difference? Materials, application process, and quality of service affect the customer’s cost and your bottom line. 

How to Apply Eyelash Extensions 

You may have dreamt of offering the best eyelash extensions for your customers. But are you worried about the application process? Training your staff and finding eyelash vendors or supplies can be quite the undertaking.

Your salon may need a lash extension certificate to offer these services. Be sure to check your local legislation.

Prepare the Eyelids

Clean your customer’s eyelids and remove makeup or dirt. If your customer has contacts, these should be removed to avoid contamination or infection. 

Get Your Supplies Ready 

Gather your lash extensions and adhesive materials. Depending on the type of extension, you may need to use tweezers or a specific application tool. A lash extension kit is the ultimate resource for applying lashes.

With everything you need in one place—from the extensions to glue, pads, tape, and tweezers—you won’t have to waste precious time searching for supplies. Your team can service your customers quickly and efficiently. 

Double-Check Your Work 

After applying your customer’s lashes, double-check the work! Ensure that the extensions adhered properly. Check for glue clumps, loose extensions, or sparse spots. 

The Benefits of Eyelash Extensions 

Eyelash extensions can improve your client’s style and the financial health of your salon. Don’t lose business online or to competitor salons. By simply training your staff and having the right materials, you can offer potential clients the full-service lash extension they want. 


Unlike store-bought lash extension strips, extensions applied in your salon will be made to last. Following the natural growth cycle, your customers can benefit from a longer-lasting investment. 

The Natural Look Is In 

Natural-looking lashes scream luxury. And whether your client has a special event or just wants to uplevel their everyday beauty routine, natural lashes effortlessly deliver. 

Upsell Existing Clients 

Do you have a full-service salon? Maybe you offer hair styling or nail services. So, why not add lash extension services to the mix?

By offering new treatments, you can upsell existing clients. Encourage your clients to book this service at their next appointment. Be sure to promote lash extensions on social media or through email marketing.

Natural-Looking Eyelash Extensions Can Keep Customers Happy and Profits High 

Natural-looking eyelash extensions can give your salon the boost it needs. Increase your bottom line by offering customers this appealing and popular beauty service. Remember that applying eyelash extensions does not have to feel like an overwhelming endeavor.

All you need to do is train your staff and have the right tools on hand to create a natural and luxurious lash effect. This ensures a seamless application process and happy customers. Upsell your customers on the benefits of lash extensions and watch your salon profits soar. 

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