Finding The Best Glass Alternatives for Windows


Since the time of Roman Egypt in 30 BCE, glass has been the number one fabric utilized in home window manufacturers in Virginia. Times have changed. With the developing information and use of plastics withinside the current world, options for conventional glazing packages at the moment are comfortably to be had and regularly greater fantastic to domestic and enterprise proprietors alike.

Advantages of the use of a plastic fabric for home windows in preference to glass:

  • Cost Savings – plastic sheeting is much less expensive, offers higher insulation, and seldom desires restore or replacement.
  • Strength & Safety – Over 10x more potent than glass and does now no longer shatter into risky pieces.
  • Creative Designs – coloured, fluorescent, black and white, and reduce into precise shapes.
  • Easy to Use – like wood, plastic may be routed, scored, and reduce on-site.
  • Light-Weight – maximum plastic home windows are 50% lighter than conventional glass.
  • Light Transmission – gets rid of glare and reflections.
  • Superior Transparency – stays clean no matter sheet thickness.
  • Thermally Efficient – multi-wall panels higher insulate          

There are a lot of plastic substances that you’ll use alternatively for window glass. We are going to check specific plastics to look how they stack up towards conventional window glass.

Acrylic or Plexiglass Sheeting

This plastic fabric is turning into a famous opportunity to glass home windows. While acrylic and plexiglass home windows had been utilized by producers for years, this form of plastic sheeting is beginning to benefit traction amongst enterprise proprietors and a few homeowners. Its reputation is frequently because of the developing popularity of the several benefits that acrylic plastic has over glass.


Acrylic plexiglass sheeting takes much less power and cash to produce. Additionally, its light-weight permits transporters to deliver the plastic at a decreased price. Cheaper manufacturing and transportation permit acrylic and plexiglass producers to promote their product at an appreciably decreased rate than glass. Ultimately, financial savings for the manufactures upload as much as price financial savings for enterprise proprietors and consumers.


Acrylic plastic sheets have 17 instances of the effective energy of conventional glass. It takes lots direct greater pressure to shatter plexiglass sheeting. If you stay in a typhoon or tornado-inclined region, plexiglass will carry out some distance past any safety that conventional glass offers. Additionally, acrylic sheeting will appreciably lessen the danger of a stranger breaking into your domestic. If a window replacement Virginia will now no longer destroy inside some seconds, maximum burglars will cease their tries of forcible entry.


While clean plexiglass is strong, it may break with sufficient staying power or the proper quantity of pressure. However, not like glass, acrylic plastic sheeting does now no longer shatter into one thousand minuscule shards of risky glass.

Easier to Use

Especially for an architectural project, glass is simply too brittle, rigid, and heavy to apply whilst growing precise, large-scale shapes and pieces. Plexiglass, on the opposite hand, is made of bendy polymers that make it less difficult to move, reduce, and install.

Better Light Transmission

You are probably amazed to research that acrylic sheeting is greater obvious than glass. In fact, clean plexiglass sheets permit more than 90% of mild to skip via it! Furthermore, acrylic does now no longer display glare and reflections. Unlike glass, acrylic does now no longer emerge as discolored because the sheeting thickness increases.

More Special Qualities

Plexiglass or acrylic sheeting is the maximum flexible form of plastic available in the marketplace! Numerous unique kinds of acrylic may be synthetic to satisfy custom designed desires, consisting of mirrored, coloured and fluorescent, abrasion-resistant, mild-diffusing, anti-static, bullet-resistant, UV-filtering, and lots of greater.          

Polycarbonate Sheeting

Due to the restrictions of glass and acrylic sheeting whilst utilized in positive environments and stressful packages, polycarbonate sheeting became advanced to satisfy enterprise desires. Facilities like schools, subways, bus shelters, and psychiatric centers wished a window fabric with excessive effect resistance, structural energy, and layout flexibility. Although greater expensive, polycarbonate plastics are appreciably advanced to acrylic and glass home windows.

250x Stronger Than Glass, and 30x Stronger Than Acrylic

Clear polycarbonate plastic has an notable stage of effect resistance, however it’s also simply as clean as glass. It offers a margin of protection that no different clean glazing fabric available in the marketplace can surpass.

Superior Structural Support

Compared to glass, polycarbonate sheets are light-weight, however they require much less structural assist than every other glass system. Glass and acrylic substances are structurally restricted whilst confronted with stressful architectural projects. However, polycarbonate plastic sheets have been successful in which many different plastic and non-plastic substances have failed.

Variety of Grades

Clear polycarbonate sheets may be made to in shape the overall performance requirement for any project. For example, Makrolon GP Sheets excel whilst utilized in glazing and commercial packages. It protects towards unintentional breakage and intentional vandalism. Makrolon SL Sheeting, on the opposite hand, is ideal for packages with publicity to intense sunlight, inclusive of signal faces, included walkways, thermoformed skylights, and greater. Even below regular UV-rays, this grade of polycarbonate will no longer emerge as yellow, hazy, or unfastened its degrees of mild transmission.


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